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Outside the bus, there are big lights (far and near lights), wide lights, fog lights, day lights, turn lights.1. Vehicle headlamp: also known as the headlamp of the car and the LED day-light of the car, as the eyes of the car, it is not only related to the external image of the owner, but also closely related to the safe driving at night or in bad weather conditions.The use and maintenance of the headlights cannot be ignored.Fog lamp generally refers to automobile fog lamp.Automobile fog lamp is installed on the front and back of the car, used for lighting road and safety warning when driving in rain and fog weather.Improved visibility for drivers and surrounding traffic participants.3. Dipped headlight is to close the lighting, the design requirements is a large range of irradiation (160 °), a short distance, concentrated degree also cannot adjust.Dipped headlights have very obvious beam of light and shade by the line, we measured the most cars passing light lamp irradiation distance 30 to 40 meters, beam of light and shade as line appear in the 12 m to 18 m, beam of light and shade as line area in front of the light is bright, can clearly distinguish the objects, the other ground visible by light district 2 meters to 3 meters in diameter, the beam of light and shade behind the stop line if the size of the field to 30 to 40 m NaZhu rely on the reflection of the light source on the ground, the area can discern bright color of the object, but the road motionless dark objects, is imperceptible.4. Width indicator, which is the indicator light installed on the car to show the width of the car.It is a common lamp.Also known as "double flash", it is opened under the condition of poor road condition, vehicle malfunction, non-parking roadside suspension, heavy fog or rain and snow weather, etc., to remind pedestrians to avoid or be on guard.5. The daylight lamp, which is installed in the front of the car body during the day, is a lamp that makes the car more easily recognized during the day.It's not designed to help drivers see the road, but to let others know that a car is coming.Therefore, this kind of lamp is not a lamp, but a kind of signal lamp.6. Turn signal is an important indicator light that is turned on when the motor vehicle is turning to indicate the attention of the left and right vehicles and pedestrians.The steering lamp tube adopts xenon lamp tube, the control circuit of single-chip microcomputer, the left and right rotating stroboscopic work without interruption.The directional light USES the flash device, realizes the light flashing.It can be divided into wire resistance, capacitance and electron type.

Long And Narrow YUTONG Bus Baggage Compartment Lights Tube 3716-00183 And 3755-00032


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