1602-00276 Clutch Booster For YUTONG Bus ZK6608DM Φ90 Φ22

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The working principle of the clutch booster: Firstly, the Pascal's law is applied: after any point in the incompressible static fluid is increased by the external force, the pressure increase is instantaneously transmitted to each point of the static fluid. When the master cylinder piston is under the action of the foot pedal, the fluid in front of the piston (hydraulic oil, generally common with the brake oil) is forced, and the fluid transmits the force to the cylinder piston through the oil pipe to the same size. The pump piston moves the push rod, and the jack pushes the clutch lever and the clutch to separate the clutch. When the pedal is released, the master cylinder piston returns to its original position under the reaction of the piston return spring and the release lever, and the clutch is re-engaged. In order to save the pedal effort, most modern cars are designed with a booster, and the clutch can be separated with a slight force.

1602-00276 宇通ZK6608DM 离合器助力器(Φ90,Φ22 (1).jpg

Clutch booster 1604-00199, can be can replaced by 1604-00510.

1604-00199 YUTONG ZK6129H 离合器助力器(用1604-00510代替) (2).jpg

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