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Asphalt spreader is a black pavement construction machine, which is the main equipment for the construction of highways, urban roads, airports and port terminals. When using asphalt penetration method, asphalt layer pavement surface treatment method to build asphalt pavement or curing asphalt or residual oil pavement: 1. Asphalt spread truck can be used to transport and spray liquid asphalt (including hot asphalt, emulsified asphalt and residual oil) ). 2. It can also supply asphalt binder to the loose soil on the ground for the construction of asphalt stabilized soil pavement or pavement base. When constructing the translucent layer, waterproof layer and bonding layer of the high-grade highway asphalt pavement: 1. High-viscosity modified asphalt, heavy traffic asphalt, modified emulsified asphalt, emulsified asphalt, etc. can be sprinkled. 2. It can also be used for asphalt covering and spraying in road maintenance. 3. Construction of county and township highway oil roads for implementing layered paving technology.

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Sinotruck HOWO 8cbm Tanker Asphalt Distributor for Country Infrastructure

The asphalt spreader makes our roads look more neat and beautiful, making us pedestrians and driving more convenient.


The intelligent asphalt sprinkler consists of a car chassis, an asphalt tank, an asphalt pumping and spraying system, a heat transfer oil heating system, a hydraulic system, a combustion system, a control system, a pneumatic system, and an operating platform.

(1)Asphalt tank

It consists of inner box, insulation material, outer casing, partition, combustion chamber, asphalt pipeline inside the tank, heat transfer oil pipeline, gas cylinder, fuel filler, capacity meter and decorative board. The inner and outer layers of the tank are welded by steel plates. The two layers are filled with aluminum silicate insulation and have a thickness of 50-100 mm and a stainless steel plate. There is a sinking groove at the bottom to promote the discharge of asphalt in the tank. There are five mounting feet on the bottom, welded to the auxiliary beam and then fixed to the frame. The outer layer of the combustion chamber is a heat transfer oil heating chamber, and a row of heat transfer oil heating tubes is arranged at the bottom. A capacity meter is used to indicate the level of bitumen in the tank.

(2) Powertrain

It consists of power take-off and pump transmission, hydraulic system and so on. The power-driven hydraulic pump is generally outputted by a power take-off device mounted on the chassis engine or the transmission output port to provide the necessary power for the asphalt spreading device. The hydraulic system consists of a hydraulic pump, a relief valve, a reversing valve, a hydraulic motor, and a hydraulic line. And so on.

(3) Asphalt pump and piping system

It consists of asphalt pump, filter, valve, spray line, cylinder nozzle assembly and so on. The different functions of the liquid asphalt in the pipeline are controlled by different combinations of valves. The main functions are as follows: self-priming and filling asphalt, rear tube spraying, portable nozzle spraying, circulation, suckback, cleaning...

(4) Asphalt heating and heat transfer oil system

It consists of a combustion heating system and a heat transfer oil circulation heating system.

(5) Asphalt pipe cleaning system

There are 2 parts for diesel cleaning and high pressure air flushing. The diesel cleaning part is composed of a diesel tank, an oil-filled copper ball valve and a pipeline, and the high-pressure air flushing part is composed of a gas storage cylinder, a check valve, an air valve ...

(6) Electrical and control systems

The electrical control system is divided into DC circuit and AC circuit. The DC circuit is composed of a power take-off, a reducer, a cooler, a hydraulic reversing valve, a rear nozzle lifting, a rear working light control circuit and an automatic control system circuit; the AC circuit is composed of a generator, a burner, and a heat transfer oil motor circuit.

(7)Other types of asphalt spreaders

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The biggest difference between the intelligent asphalt spreader and the traditional asphalt spreader is that the intelligent asphalt spreader can automatically adjust the amount of asphalt sprayed at any time according to the user's working conditions to meet the construction process requirements.

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