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The difference between the intelligent and common asohalt distributor truck:(1)Intelligent sohalt distributor truck:The intelligent sohalt distributor truck is equipped with the touch screen in the cab, and the equipment can be sprinkled on the operating screen and the equipment can be sprinkled on its own, and the operation is more convenient. It can control the start and stop of any nozzles, and control the width of the sprinkles more accurately. Widely used in highway construction and highway maintenance engineering, can be used for different pavement under seal, permeable and waterproof layer, adhesive layer, asphalt surface treatment, asphalt pavement construction, poured into the fog seal and other projects, but also can be used for liquid asphalt or other heavy oil transportation.

It can spray emulsified asphalt, hot asphalt (high viscosity, high temperature asphalt), and over 6 tons of modified asphalt. After being controlled in one cab, the working platform is controlled by two.

(2)Common sohalt distributor truck:The ordinary sohalt distributor truck can be used for the construction of the upper and lower seal layer, the permeable layer, the asphalt surface treatment, the bituminous irrigated pavement, the fog seal coat and other projects. It can also be used for the transportation of liquid asphalt or other heavy oils. It is composed of automobile chassis, heat preservation tank, asphalt pump, burner, hydraulic system and rear shotcrete part, manual one control and manual opening.

Because of this kind of asphalt sprinkler, the rear shotcrete part does not carry heat transfer oil, so it can only spray emulsified asphalt and other bitumen with low viscosity.


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