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Bulk cement truck, also known as cement tanker truck,consists of special truck chassis, bulk cement truck tank, air pipe road system, automatic unloading device and other parts.It is suitable for bulk transportation of dry materials of fly ash, cement, lime powder, ore powder and granule alkali with the particle diameter not greater than 0.1mm. Cement tanker truck mainly for cement factory, cement warehouse and large construction site use, can save a lot of packaging materials and loading and unloading labor.

Product Details

The cement tanker truck is also known as bulk cement truck, which is applicable to the transportation and air unloading of powder dry materials with the particle diameter of fly ash, cement, lime powder, ore powder and other particles not larger than 0.1mm. The unloading height can reach 15m and the horizontal distance is 5m. The tank body integrated synthesis, the use of scientific fluidized bed design, reasonable layout, not only can effectively shorten the unloading time and improve the utilization of the tank volume, so that the ash rate is greatly reduced.

Function description: the power of the chassis of the cement tanker truck is transferred to the air compressor through the force extractor and the drive shaft. The compressed air generated by the air compressor enters the gasification room at the bottom of the tank through the pipeline, and after the gasification bed is mixed with the cement to form a flow state, it is discharged along the ashTube output.

Matters needing attention:

1, driving bulk cement truck do not overspeed, overpressure operation, overspeed, overpressure will seriously damage the air compressor.

2, do not start or stop the air compressor, but should be slow growth or deceleration, otherwise, the impact pressure will damage the air compressor.

3, do not change the rotation direction of the air compressor, otherwise, the pump does not supply oil will seriously damage the machine.

4, do not stop the air compressor before decompression, otherwise, the powder material may flow back into the cylinder, causing serious damage to the air compressor.

5. cement tanker truck check the oil mark before starting up.The oil level shall not be lower than the lower limit of oil standard;It is necessary to check whether the oil pump is supplied. If not, stop the pump immediately for inspection. Otherwise, the air compressor will be seriously damaged due to lack of oil.

6. check and clean the oil filter.Under normal conditions, check and clean the machine once a quarter. If the machine has a high utilization rate, check and clean the machine once a month.

7. It is forbidden to mix different grades of lubricating oil, otherwise the deterioration of lubricating oil will affect the lubrication effect.

Product Description:

Overall dimensions(LxWxH)mm10000×2500×3800
Curb weight(Kg)10870
Wheel Base(mm)4325+1350
Front/Rear Tread(mm)2022/1830
Leaf of sring4/4/-,4/4/12,11/11/-,11/11/12
Emission standardEuro II
Max speed(km/h)102
Tank effective volumn(m3)40.4
Tank size(LxDiameter)mm9600x2500
Transporation mediaBituminous coal powder
Medium density(Kg/m3)400
Inner Fluidized BedAir bag
Rated work Pressure(MPa)0.2
Tanker BodyQ235/ 6mm steel sheet
End plateQ235/6mm, ball shape
ShapeV type
Chassis ModelZZ1257N4347
Axles3 axles, BPW 13 ton, FUWA, L1 brand are optional
SuspensionMechanical suspension with 8-pcs leaf spring
Braking SystemWABCO Emergency Relay Valve; T30/30+T30 air chamber
Rim & Tire11R22.5 tubeless tire with one spare tire with 8.25R22.5 wheel rim, 13 pieces

The principle of cement tanker truck seems very simple, but the internal structure of some of the design is quite complex, because of the carrier in the process of transportation to consider the transportation efficiency and transportation cost savings, in order to be able to reduce the cost to the lowest, but also has the functions such as automatic loading and unloading, and storage, so design together to consider a lot. In recent years, the design of cement tanker truck in our country is to use pneumatic loading and unloading, mainly through the gas compressor to obtain pneumatic. The principle of which is to put the gas compressor for air through the bottom of the tank into the interior of tank, the air so that you can make the external and internal of powder materials fully mixed together, making the original fixed powder material flowing, and then open the discharge valve, tank internal pressure and external pressure differential pressure to a certain extent, by the pressure differential exclude material tanks, this completes the unloading.

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