Sinotruck HOWO Fence Truck

Sinotruck HOWO fence truck is mainly used for the transport of special goods of bin grid type. The rear carriage is designed for beautiful appearance, while the internal structure and the selection of high-quality steel for carriage.

Product Details

Sinotruck HOWO fence truck all of them are welded in strict accordance with international standards with reasonable process first. The carriage plate is made of tile arris type by using fixture pressing, with high strength and toughness. At the same time, it makes the self weight lighter, and the railings of the compartment rack can be lifted and lowered, half disassembled, fully disassembled, practical, safe and reliable.

Sinotruck HOWO fence truck refers to a special car equipped with a special device and a bin cage or fence structure carriage, which is mainly used for transporting bulk particles or feed, livestock and poultry and other goods The standard of bin grid transport vehicle is called bin grid special transport vehicle. In terms of exterior design, the carriage strives to be beautiful in shape, reasonable in internal structure and advanced in technology. It is made of high-quality steel as the framework and welded in strict accordance with industry standards. The panel is pressed by tooling clamps to form a corrugated type, with high strength, light weight, semi detachable, fully detachable and freely raised bin grid railings It is easy to use, safe and reliable.

stake truck

Item No.ZZ1317M3861VBatch247
BrandSINOTRUKTypeLivestock truck
Rated weight17670/17605Total Weight(kg)31000
Curb weight(kg)13200Fuel TypeDiesel oil
Emission standardWD615.69Axles' Quantity4
Axle base(mm)2100+4700+1350, 2100+4500+1350Axle load6560/6560/17880
(2 axles installed side by side)
Q'ty of the steel plate spring40463Tyre Quantity12
Tyre size11.00R20, 12.00R20, 11.00-20, 12.00-20Approach/Departure angle24/13
Front/rear suspension(mm)1470/2375Front wheel base(mm)2050/2050
Back wheel base(mm)1830/1830Cab capacity2, 3
Overall length11995Overall wide2500
Overall height3800/3950Van length9240
Van wide2300ChassisCA1310P66K2L7T4E1
Maximum speed90Carrying utilization factor1.35
Cab capacity2, 3

Fence truck according to the needs of customers, the transport vehicles for various industries are suitable for the long, medium and short-distance road transportation of the majority of users, and can also be used as ordinary trucks. At present, the road transportation industry is highly developed, especially the rapid development of modern logistics industry. Cang grid car will be promoted and popularized rapidly. It is the development of the city and international logistics and transportation market.

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