6x4 Howo Concrete Mixer Truck

Howo 6x4 concrete mixer truck is a special truck used to transport concrete for construction; because of its shape, it is often called a snail truck. This kind of truck is equipped with cylindrical mixing drum to carry the mixed concrete. During transportation, the mixing drum will always rotate to ensure that the concrete transported will not set. After the concrete is transported, the inside of the mixing drum is usually washed with water to prevent the hardened concrete from occupying the space.

Product Details

6x4 Howo Concrete Mixer Truck the weld bead of the connection of the tank body adopts the shape of a lap joint, its advantage is to form two welds, the overall resistance is high. Innovative design of mixing tank blades. Thorough study of the blade stirring mechanism to establish a three-dimensional mathematical model. The modified variable angle lagarithmic spiral curve has advanced performance. The blade with two directions of rotation to choose, to adapt to the left and to the conductor's right. The adjacent blades overlap, the connection force is higher. The sheets can be moved wet, but can also be moved. Carry out the three-dimensional mixing of the concrete so that the mixture is uniform and does not separate.

6x4 Howo Concrete Mixer Truck application for new chassis assembly: although finite element analysis of large-scale general finite element software such as HyperMesh, MSC, Patran, MSC, Nastran and other analyzes of finite elements, a new optimization design is carried out to reduce stress concentration, eliminate certain welding stress points, improve the overall resistance and reduce the dead weight.The car is suitable for a variety of applications. industrial design, more beautiful, comfortable and more unified.

6x4 Howo Concrete Mixer Truck advantage mixer truck prodyction line, most domestic used CO2 automatic welding, easy to weld, resulting in open welding, our company adopts automatic submerged arc welding, there is a special flow covering the molten pool. the weld is smooth, the weeding is firm and the crack is not cracked.Advanced overall sanding production chain, pre-treats the coating and eliminates the stress of the machine.The paint adhesion is reinforced, the surface of the paint film is full and the weather resistance is strong.

rear of truck


Howo concrete mixer truck 6x4 the wear resistance of the 520JJ steel plate is 1.6 times that of 16Mn.

The tank body is made of special 520JJ steel plate for mechanical agitation, and the thickness of each piece varies according to its main function.The residue is almost 0, the residue is about 0.4%, there is no hidden danger of solidification of the residue, the other manufactured products represent approximately 0.6%. It can be mixed by wet method or dry mixed. The other manufactured products generally carry out only the mixing by method wet.Stable as a single roller structure, safe operation and long service life

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