HOWO 6X4 Concrete Mixer Truck

HOWO 6X4 concrete mixer truck adopting special chassis for mixer truck, hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor and reducer all use original imported components. The top design is advanced, the manufacturing is excellent, and the performance is reliable. It has the advantages of good concrete mixing homogeneity, high feeding and discharging efficiency and low discharging residual rate , Widely used in urban construction, highway, rail

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HOWO 6X4 concrete mixer truck main structure and working principle The concrete mixer truck is composed of automobile special chassis, hydraulic transmission system, water supply system, mixing drum, operating system, feeding and discharging device and frame.

HOWO 6X4 concrete mixer truck's hydraulic system is a closed system, which is mainly composed of hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, radiators, high-pressure oil pipes and low-pressure oil pipes. The water supply system uses air pressure, and the pressure water tank capacity is 300L and 400L. Users can choose according to needs.The mixing drum assembly is the main component of the concrete mixer truck. It mainly consists of a tank body and two sets of spiral blades. The tank body is composed of a reducer flange, a rear cone, a middle cylinder, a front cone, a guide rail and a manhole. The two sets of spiral surfaces inside are welded by six kinds of complex blades according to the curve diagram. There are two types of control systems for users to choose, which are three-sided mechanical control system and flexible shaft controller control system. The vehicle comes standard with a three-sided mechanical steering system.

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HOWO 6X4 concrete mixer truck's main function of the feeding and discharging device is to feed material into the mixing drum and unload the concrete to the required position. It is installed at the rear of the conveyer.

EngineBrand SINOTRUKGross Vehicle Weight25000kg
WD615.69/47Kerb Weight10580kg
Maximum Output336HP/371HPTyres12.00R20(Radial)
Rated engine power
247/2200ReducerTOPUNION P68
PumpARK PV089
TransmissionHW19710(10forward,2reverse)MotorARK MF090
Front AxleHF9Geometric volume M316.85
Max.loading:9000kgAgitating capacity10
Rear AxleHC16 Ratio:5.73Discharging remain
CabHOWO76 (singer bed)
Maximum Speed80 km/h
Drum Slope(°)11
Overall Dimension(mm)9185x2496x3900mm

Operating procedure:1. Before the mixer starts to work, first check whether there is sufficient clean hydraulic oil in the hydraulic oil tank, hydraulic pump and motor, whether there is sufficient gear oil in the reducer, whether the water tank is filled with water, and whether there are any lubrication parts. Sufficient grease. 2. Start the car engine for a while to ensure that the vehicle air pressure is within the normal working range. 3. Set the control handle to the "neutral" position, and the mixer is at a standstill. 4. After everything is normal, move the control handle to the "feed" and "discharge" positions once each time, make the mixer rotate forward and reverse 2-3 times at low speed, and check whether the hydraulic transmission system is normal.

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