HOWO Concrete Mixer Truck

Brand: SINOTRUK HOWO Cubic Meter: 12M3 Emission Stanard: Euro 2 Transmission Type: Manual

Product Details

Structural features of our Concrete Mixer Truck

1. The welding seam of the tank body connection adopts the form of lap joint, its advantage is to form two welds, the overall strength is high.

2. Innovative design of mixing tank blades

2.1. In-depth study of the stirring mechanism of the blade to establish a three-dimensional mathematical model. The modified variable angle double logarithmic spiral curve has advanced performance.

2.2, the blade two rotation directions to choose, to adapt to the driver's left and right.

2.3, the adjacent blades are overlapped, the connection strength is higher.

2.4, the leaves can be wetly stirred, but also can be stirred. Realize three-dimensional mixing of concrete so that the mixing is uniform and does not separate.

3. Application of new chassis assembly

  Through the finite element analysis of large-scale general finite element software such as HyperMesh, MSC. Patran, MSC. Nastran and other finite element analysis, a new optimization design is carried out to reduce stress concentration, eliminate some welding stress points, improve overall strength, and reduce self-weight. The car is suitable for a variety of applications.

4. Structure and appearance industrial design

More beautiful, comfortable, and more unified

5. advanced mixer truck production line

Most of the domestic use of CO2 automatic welding, easy to weld, resulting in open welding. Our company adopts submerged arc automatic welding. When welding, there is special flux covering the molten pool. The surface of the weld is smooth, the welding is firm and the crack is not cracked.

6. Advanced overall sanding production line

Make pre-treatment of the coating and eliminate the stress of the machine

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