Howo Concrete Mixer Trucks

Howo concrete mixer trucks is composed of a second-class automobile chassis and a special device for concrete mixing and transportation. It is used to transport concrete tank-type special-purpose transportation vehicles.

Product Details

Howo concrete mixer trucks function is: the concrete material is brought to a high place by the spiral blades in the mixing bucket, and it is stirred by falling by its own weight.The form is divided into wet material mixer truck and dry material mixer truck. The ideal transportation distance is about 20 kilometers. Long distances or high temperatures are prone to segregation and slump changes, which affect the quality. The dry material type mixing and conveying truck mixes dry aggregate, cement, additives, etc. directly into the mixing barrel by the dry mixing type mixing station, and dry materials are mixed during transportation.According to the position of the discharge port, it is divided into front unloading type and rear unloading type.

Howo concrete mixer trucks The chassis adopts 4x2, 6x4, 8x4 driving form. According to customer loading requirements and wheelbase, 3, 4, 5, 6, 4, 8, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 and other models can be selected 。Main technical parameters: 1. Stirring volume: the maximum volume after stirring and compaction, unit: m³. 2. Feeding speed: not less than 2.7m³ / min. 3. Unloading speed: not less than 0.35m³ / min 4. Residual discharge rate: there are different limits depending on the slump, the unit is 0.6%. 5. Tilt angle of mixing bucket: It is determined according to the installation of mixing bucket, which is related to the loading capacity and the installation angle of the reducer.When the vehicle is loading and unloading, the engine drives the tank to rotate at a speed of 3-6r / min. During transportation, 1-3r / min low speed "forward" rotation, at this time the concrete test hand is slightly stirred to maintain the homogeneity of the concrete and prevent segregation. Before unloading, it should be rotated quickly for 1-2 minutes (greater than 10r / min) and stirred to ensure the quality of concrete and prevent segregation. Then send and unload, adjust the speed according to the construction speed requirements.

rear of concrete mixer truck

Howo concrete mixer trucks purchase: If the road conditions are flat, the rear axle can be selected as a single-stage reduction axle, which has low fuel consumption and fast speed. If the road conditions are full of potholes and stones, the optional rear axle can reduce the wheel speed, driving force is large, and the passing capacity is good. If there are many passing ramps, a fully-enclosed mixer truck can be selected, and its inlet is sealed to prevent material leakage. If it is a specific area, such as a shuttle tunnel, culvert, etc., you can choose a small volume mixer truck.

Honorary certificate

Our company's mixer trucks have great advantages in terms of price, service, spare parts supply, repair costs, etc. With reliable quality, their domestic market share has exceeded 90%, and the chassis produced by Sinotruk has already accounted for 50% of domestic mixer trucks. 'S share in the local mixer truck market has a considerable holdings.

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