HOWO Concrete Mixer Truck

HOWO Concrete Mixer Truck - rotating mixing drum, concrete materials by the mixing drum of the spiral blade brought to a high place, by the weight of the fall for mixing, reverse mixing drum, the material is mixing drum of the spiral blade pushed out, and mixing drum axis inclined to the horizontal plane at a certain Angle, used for the transport of concrete tank special transport truck.

Product Details

HOWO Concrete Mixer Truck is generally divided into front unloading type and rear unloading type according to unloading type.According to concrete is generally divided into wet mixing and dry mixing two or three categories (including semi-dry mixing);According to the power mode, it is generally divided into single engine power (with its own engine power (can be subdivided into front and rear power, and now it is generally the engine flywheel full power power) or auxiliary engine power) and semi-pendant (auxiliary engine power).

HOWO Concrete Mixer Truck: 


Single-plate dry coil-spring clutch, hydraulically operating with air assistance


HW19710, Option: HW19710T, HW20716

Propeller Shaft

Double universal joint propeller shaft with gear-shaped couping flange

Front Axle

Rigid stud axle with double T-coss section Loading capacity: 7000KG Option:9000kg

Rear Axle

Casting axle housing with axle loading capacity 16000kgs


Frame: U-profile parellal ladder frame with section of 300x80x8mm and reinforced

subframe all cold riveted cross membe

Front suspension: semi-elliptic leaf springs hydraulic telescopic double-action shock

absorbers and stabilizer Rear suspension; semi-elliptic leaf springs and bogie springs

Fuel tank: 300L capacity, with locking fuel cap.


ZF8098/ZF80118, hydraulic steering with power assistance Ratio: 26.2


Service brake: dual circuit compressed air brake

Parking brake(emergency brake): spring energy, compressed air operating on wheels

Auxiliary brake: engine exhaust brake

Option: ABS


Rims: 8.5-20, 10 hole-steel

Tyres: 12.00-20 tube

Option: 12.00R20, 12.00R22.5, 315/80R22.5, 12.00-24


Operating voltage: 24 V, negative grounded

Starter: 24V, 7.5 Kw

Alternator 28V, 1500W

Batteries: 2x12V. 165Ah

Cigar-lighter, horn, headlamps, fog lights, brake lights, indicators and reverse light

Option: 180Ah

Instrument Panel

Active check central control with indicators, with this intergral instrument the daily manual

checks on the vehicle and combinedindicators of compressed air pressure, coolant

temperature, engine oil pressure and battery charging

HOWO Concrete Mixer Truck one of the important components of "three trucks in one station", it undertakes the task of transporting the commercial concrete from the mixing station to the construction site safely, reliably and efficiently.Because of the dual function of transport and agitating, concrete segregation can be ensured within a certain transport radius, so that the mixer truck has been widely used.

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