HOWO 6X4 Cement Mixer Truck With 30 Ton

SINOTRUK Haowo concrete mixer truck: wheelbase 3825+1350. Suitable for 8 square-12 square mixer truck. HW76 cab, heavy truck 340 horsepower EGR engine, 9 tons front axle, 16 tons wheel side deceleration rear axle, heavy truck 10 speed shift, 12.00R20 wire tire, air conditioning, direction assist, air brake, ABS, exhaust brake . Top loading configuration: Germany ZF7300 reducer, Germany Rexroth oil pump, motor, Kaipeng radiator, front head 8mm alloy steel wear-resistant material, roller 5mm alloy steel wear-resistant material, material is Q235, with pressure water supply device. Vehicle size: length 9040mm width 2496mm height 3850mm

Product Details

The large volume design of the concrete mixing tank gives it a large loading space and a stirring space.

1. The lower center of gravity makes the vehicle more stable when driving.

2. Compact closed hydraulic circuit system improves work efficiency.

3. The temperature control switch can ensure that the temperature of the hydraulic system is always not higher than 65 °C.

4. The sub-frame adopts a box-shaped structure, which increases the torsion resistance of the whole vehicle.

5. The feeding hopper and the swinging discharge chute are equipped with wear-resistant lining to improve the service life.

6. The rolling ring of the mixing drum is integrally forged.

7. Special design of the shape and layout of the blade and its position in the mixing bowl.

8. The mixing handles are equipped on the left, right and inside the cab for easy and convenient operation.

9. The mixing drum housing and blades made of special materials have higher wear resistance.

long lasting 

China Truck International's concrete mixer trucks are made of high-quality high-strength alloy steel wear-resistant materials. They are designed for a service life of 7 years and are used for at least two years more than concrete mixers produced by general manufacturers. It effectively extends the service life and wear resistance of concrete mixing tanks and ensures the effective use of concrete mixer tanks.

It can effectively delay the initial setting of concrete, avoid the delamination and segregation of concrete, and ensure the quality and speed of construction. At the same time, the wear-resistant steel plate is also attached to the parts which are easy to wear, such as the feeding hopper and the discharge hopper chute, which are in contact with the concrete, so that the product has an extremely long service life.

inside a concrete truck

Concrete Mixer Truck Main Specifications:


9cubic meters concrete /cement mixer truck

Chassis model




Rated loading capacity


Wheel base


Tire specification


Engine model

WD615.69(sino truck brand)



Emmission standard

Euro 2

Fuel material


Max speed


Feeding speed


Output speed


Speed reducer

Import from italy

Water box capacity


8m3concrete mixer

Italy PV089 pump,MF089motor,6SP Gearbox,China 12R radiator

9m3concrete mixer

Italy PV089 pump,MF089motor,TOP P68 Gearbox,China

12L radiator

10m3concreter\ mixer

Italy PV089 pump,MF089motor,TOP P68 Gearbox,China 12L Radiator

11-12m3concrete mixer

Italy PV089 pump,MF089motor,TOP P75 Gearbox,China 12L Radiator

14m3 concrete mixer

Italy PVA090 pump,MF090motor,TOP P75R or P80 Gearbox,China 25L or 26L Radiator

16m3 concrete mixer

Italy PVA090 pump,MF090motor,TOP P80 Gearbox,China 25L or 26L Radiator

Mixer body material

5mm or 6mm steel plate


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