HOWO 8X4 12-16cmb Cement Mixer Tanker Truck

The wear resistance of the steel plate 520JJ is 1.6 times that of 16Mn.The tank body is made of special steel plate 520JJ for mechanical mixing (16Mn for other manufacturers), and the thickness is not less than 5mm.The blade is made of steel plate 520JJ for mechanical agitation, and the thickness of each part varies according to its main function.It is reinforced with wear-resistant materials in the wearable parts to prolong wear.

Product Details

1. The HOWO series from SINOTRUK offers you great value for your money.

Our concrete truck for sale, most of the domestic use of CO2 automatic welding, easy to weld, resulting in open welding. Our company adopts submerged arc automatic welding. When welding concrete truck accessories, there is special flux covering the molten pool. The surface and inside a concrete truck of the weld is smooth, the welding is Firm and the crack is not cracked. Make pre-treatment of the coating and eliminate the stress of the concrete truck body.Finish the preliminary treatment of painting and eliminate the stress of machine parts. When the stirring main body of the mixing quality is working, the transmission mechanism drives the two stirring shafts to rotate synchronously in opposite directions. Each mixing shaft is arranged with 4 to 8 stirring arms and two pairs of side stirring arms, which are equipped with stirring blades and scrapers. After the material is put into the mixer, the mixture of the coarse and coarse aggregates, the admixture and the like is stirred by the stirring blade and the scraper to make the mixture move radially and axially in the middle of the tank, and convection is formed in the intersection between the two stirring shafts to realize the material. Strong agitation, so that the mixing quality is better and more uniform.

The twin-shaft forced mixer has strong concrete mixing ability, uniform mixing quality and high productivity, and has good mixing effect on dry hard, semi-dry, plastic and various proportions of concrete. The lubrication system and the spindle drive system are all imported from a full set, and the hydraulic door opening mechanism can adjust the opening degree of the discharge door as needed. The mixing machine mixing shaft adopts anti-blocking technology to effectively prevent cement from agglomerating on the shaft. The shaft end seal of a concrete mixer truck adopts a unique multiple sealing structure to effectively prevent mortar leakage and ensure the long-term operation of the entire mixing system. The cleaning system of concrete truck body adopts high-pressure water pump automatic control plus manual control. Each water outlet hole is located directly above the stirring spindle to improve the mixing efficiency, increase water mist, reduce dust pollution, and effectively remove cement agglomeration.

2. Concrete Mixer Truck Main Specifications and concrete truck dimensions:


12cubic meters concrete /cement mixer truck

Chassis model




Wheel base


Tire specification


Engine model

WD615.47(sino truck brand)



Emmission standard

Euro 2

Fuel material

Max speed


Feeding speed


Output speed


Speed reducer

Import from italy

Water box capacity


8m3concrete mixer

Italy PV089 pump,MF089motor,6SP Gearbox,China 12R radiator

9m3concrete mixer

Italy PV089 pump,MF089motor,TOP P68 Gearbox,China

12L radiator

10m3concreter\ mixer

Italy PV089 pump,MF089motor,TOP P68 Gearbox,China 12L Radiator

11-12m3concrete mixer

Italy PV089 pump,MF089motor,TOP P75 Gearbox,China 12L Radiator

14m3 concrete mixer

Italy PVA090 pump,MF090motor,TOP P75R or P80 Gearbox,China 25L or 26L Radiator

16m3 concrete mixer

Italy PVA090 pump,MF090motor,TOP P80 Gearbox,China 25L or 26L Radiator

Mixer body material

5mm or 6mm steel plate

3. Concrete Mixer Truck Photos

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