Three-dimensional Concrete Mixer Truck

The concrete mixer truck is a combination of transportation and agitation. It is convenient, fast, environmentally friendly and has outstanding advantages. It has always played an important role in the construction of the project. Concrete mixer truck: One of the important components of “one stop, three cars”, it undertakes the task of transporting commercial concrete from the mixing station safely, reliably and efficiently to the construction site. Due to the dual functions of transportation and agitation, the concrete can be ensured without segregation within a certain transportation radius, which makes the concrete mixer truck widely used.      Concrete mixing truck----rotating mixing cylinder, the concrete material is brought to the height by the spiral blade in the mixing cylinder, and the mixing is carried out by the weight drop, the mixing drum is reversed, the material is pushed out by the spiral blade in the mixing cylinder, and the axis of the mixing drum A tank-type special transport vehicle used to transport concrete at a certain angle to the horizontal plane.

Product Details

Three-dimensional Concrete mixer truck


HOWO Right hand drive 8m3 Concrete Mixer Truck

Gross weight kg


Curb weight ( kg)




Diesel: 4-stroke direct injection diesel engine

Model: WD615.69 336HP EURO II emission standard, 6-cylinder in-line with water cooling, turbo-charging and inter-cooler

Bore x Stoke: 126mm x 130mm Maximum output: 336HP at 2200rmp Displacement: 9.726L

Fuel: Diesel

HW76, extended Cab, single berth,up/down and front/back adjustable steering wheel,new European style whole heating and ventilating system,


with electronic controlled model,with four points suspension & absorber and stabilizer equipment, all the truck with the double-locking safety belts and outside sun visor.

Right Hand Drive Model



Number of axle








Wheel base (mm)





e angle





Parameters of mixing tank


Kerb Weight(KG)



Body dimentions(mm)



Body Weight(KG)



Geometric Volume(M3)



Mixing Volume(M3)



Stuffing Volume(%)



Tank dimension



Feeding Speed(M3/min)



Discharging Speed(M3/min)



Discharge Residue(%)



Slump Scope(mm)



Drum Speed( Min)







Overall Dimension(L X

W X H mm)


(1) Innovative design of mixing tank blades

1. In-depth study of the stirring mechanism of the blade to establish a three-dimensional mathematical model. The modified variable angle double logarithmic spiral curve has advanced performance.

2, the blade two rotation directions to choose, to adapt to the driver's left and right.

3. The lap joints between adjacent blades, the connection strength is higher.

4, the leaves can be wetly stirred, but also can be stirred. Realize three-dimensional mixing of concrete so that the mixing is uniform and does not separate.

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(2)Our advantages of Three-dimensional Concrete mixer truck

1. The tank, the blade and the inlet and outlet are wear-resistant

The wear resistance of the steel plate 520JJ is 1.6 times that of 16Mn.

The tank body is made of special steel plate 520JJ for mechanical mixing (16Mn for other manufacturers), and the thickness is not less than 5mm.

The blade is made of steel plate 520JJ for mechanical agitation, and the thickness of each part varies according to its main function.

It is reinforced with wear-resistant materials in the wearable parts to prolong wear.

2, fast in and out

The discharge speed is 0.43m3/r, which is about 8m; other manufacturers are 0.35m3/r, about 10m.

3, evenly stirred

Three-dimensional stirring, uniform, no segregation. Other manufacturers have a slightly poor uniformity.

4, unloading thoroughly

The residue is almost 0, the residual is about 0.4%, there is no hidden danger of solidification of the residue; other manufacturers are about 0.6%.

5, dry and wet mixing

It can be wet-stirred or dry-mixed. Other manufacturers generally only perform wet mixing.

6, generous amount of double roller structure

Stable than a single roller structure, safe operation and long service life.

7, after-sales service is guaranteed

(3)Schematic diagram of Three-dimensional Concrete mixer truck

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