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A concrete pump truck is a machine that uses pressure to continuously transport concrete along a pipe. It consists of a pump body and a delivery tube. According to the structure, it is divided into piston type, extrusion type and water pressure diaphragm type. The pump body is mounted on the chassis of the Truck, and then equipped with a telescopic or inflected cloth boom to form a pump truck. The concrete pump truck was modified on the chassis of the truck. It is equipped with a motion and power transmission, a pumping and stirring device, a cloth device and other auxiliary devices on the chassis. The power of the concrete pump truck transmits the power of the engine to the hydraulic pump group or the rear axle through the power transfer box, and the hydraulic pump pushes the piston to drive the concrete pump to work. The concrete is then transported to a certain height and distance using the boom and the conveying pipe on the pump truck.

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SINOTRUCK HOWO Cenment 6X4 Concrete Pump Trucks

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Maintenance of concrete pump trucks after use:

Concrete pump trucks need to be properly maintained and maintained in different working environments, especially in the harsh working environment. In order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, the construction is not mistaken, and the operator is required to check and maintain during the construction and construction. If the maintenance is not in place, it will cause safety hazards. Once the problem occurs, the impact will not only affect the impact. The construction progress, the concrete that enters the conveying cylinder, the conveying pipeline, and the hopper of the concrete pump truck, if not treated in time, will inevitably have unimaginable serious consequences. Therefore, it is extremely important to strengthen the maintenance of important construction machinery and equipment such as concrete pump trucks.

1, swing pipe valve

When maintaining the S swing pipe valve, the front end faces of the valve body should be inspected in detail. Because the S swinging pipe valve will oscillate continuously during the working process, the wear is very serious. In order to extend the elbow life of the valve body, the number of valve body replacements is greatly reduced, and

we can install the thin, movable end faces with high hardness and replaceability on both ends of the wear.

2, manual grease pump

Keep it clean after each start and pumping, and keep the grease pump in the manual grease pump filled with grease. The method of detecting whether the grease is filled is very simple. Just move the handle of the grease pump and observe the agitated bearing and the S-tube size shaft head. If there is clean grease overflow. During the work, the manual grease pump handle should be pulled 10 times every 1 hour, and the system should be cleaned once every 500 hours.

3, the piston

It is necessary to pay attention to whether there is wear and tear. When the coating of the conveying cylinder is not worn away and the concrete slurry or sand is present in the water tank at the rear of the piston, it indicates that the piston is worn out, and the sealing body, the guiding ring and the dust ring need to be replaced immediately. Usually, the piston should always be pushed out of the system water tank for inspection, while keeping the sealing and guiding ring of the piston clean and lubricated.

4, boom, legs

Pay attention to lubrication. At the hinge point of the pump boom, the four legs, the connecting shaft of the support and the turntable, the grease fittings are specially designed. Usually, the grease fittings should be oiled every 60 hours.

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Advantages of using cement pump truck:

The use of concrete pump trucks to transport concrete from low to high, from near to distant, not only greatly reduces manpower and construction time, but also the key to the stability of our building. Whether it is paving roads, building bridges or buildings, we will use our pump trucks. The role of pump trucks is irreplaceable by humans.

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Precautions when using PUMP TRUCK:

1. Concrete pump trucks can only be used for concrete transportation. Any use other than this (such as lifting heavy objects) is dangerous.

2. The height and distance of the pumping concrete of the concrete pump truck are strictly calculated and experimentally confirmed. Any subsequent pipe connection at the end hose or lengthening of the end hose more than 3m is not allowed. The risk is borne by the operator

3. Unauthorized modification of concrete pump trucks that may affect safety, including changes in safety pressure and operating speed settings; use of large diameter ducts or increase duct thickness, and change control procedures or wiring. Changes to the boom and legs, etc.

4. Concrete pump truck operators must wear safety helmets and comply with safety regulations and safety regulations on the site.

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