6x4 Rigid Dump Truck

6x4 Rigid dump truck it is a kind of heavy dump truck used in the open pit mine to complete the task of rock earthwork stripping and ore transportation. Its working characteristics are short transportation distance and heavy load. It is usually loaded by large electric shovel or hydraulic shovel, and it goes back and forth to the mining point and ore unloading point. The "off-road" here does not mean off-road driving, but only because its appearance is too wide and its total mass is too large, it is not allowed to drive on the road.

Product Details

6x4 Rigid dump truck generally, welded frame, hydro pneumatic suspension or air suspension are used, and the flexible trough frame is formed by stamping or bending with mould.

6x4 Rigid dump truck has heavy load, powerful power.The load of this kind of vehicle is between 20-360 tons, and it is developing towards large-scale. Due to the large load tonnage and many slopes on the road, the engine must have high power and high torque to ensure that it is also easy and powerful when it is loaded uphill. Therefore, all these models are equipped with engineering engines with high "specific torque" and high "torque increase coefficient". However, due to the poor off-road working conditions, the commonly used speed of these vehicles is about 30-40km / h.

6x4 Rigid dump truck carriage :The carriage is also a fully welded structure, with the back of the bucket type floor cocked up, with a general slope angle of 12 degrees, and no rear baffle; the bottom plate is welded by high-quality steel plates with high strength, high hardness and impact resistance to adapt to the transportation of non highway and poor mining industry and rough stone loading on the project site, and its service life is generally more than 10 years. The latest generation of energy-saving body represented by Australian technology adopts higher strength alloy steel. Compared with the traditional body, it reduces the weight of the body by more than 20% and saves 8% oil. 30% reduction in maintenance frequency.

6x4 Rigid dump truck's suspension, steering, braking, rotation and other performance are very strong, suitable for all kinds of harsh working conditions

Rigid dumper


6x4 RIGID Dump Truck

Loading capacity (kg)


Curb mass ( kg)




6 in-line,four stroke,water-cooled,omega type combustion chamber


Unilateral Cab


Fast 9JSD180

Number of axle


Driving axle


Front axle




Left spring


Wheel base (mm)


Fuel tank capacity




Cargo dimensions


Maximum speed(km/h)


Min.turning radius


Overall sizes (mm)



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6x4 Rigid dump truck's features: 1. McPherson suspension is used for front suspension, multi link suspension is used for rear suspension, and oil air suspension cylinder is equipped. The chassis has long service life and good driving comfort;2. Full hydraulic power steering (instead of circulating ball type hydraulic power steering), supplemented by broken steering trapezoid, easy to operate and long tire life;3. Air top oil disc brake, safe and reliable, cost-effective;4. High strength steel welding frame and lightweight cargo box, high safety and reliability life;5. Double drive rear axle chassis, low center of gravity, high stability.

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