Articulated Mine Dump Truck

The unloading device of the articulated dump truck is to take the force through the gearbox, drive the hydraulic oil pump to work, power through the hydraulic motor and reducer to make the drum rotation turn, drive the conveyor belt and the front container board to unload

Product Details

The Articulated Mine Dump Truck is a specially constructed tractor and semi trailer with an intermediate driveline, steering systemConnected with auxiliary devices, it can realize the whole vehicle all-wheel drive and steering special train chassis, equipped with various utility jackets,It is suitable for all kinds of special vehicles under harsh working conditions.The whole mine dump truck can be divided into four major parts: the main part of the deputy part of the steering moving system part mount part.The core technology mainly includes auxiliary vehicle driving system, auxiliary vehicle steering system, flat push material unloading cargo system.


Articulated Mine Dump Truck


Gross weight (kg)


Curb weight (kg)



Model: C13.540

Rated power/speed(kw/rpm): 400/1900

Displacement: 13L




Long head


Leaf spring suspension

Number of axle


Front axle

12T Drum

Rear axle

32T Drum



Maximum speed(km/h)


Van dimension


Overall Dimension(L X W X H mm)


Mine Dump Truck

Advantages of articulated mine dump truck: 1. High security.Unloading safety, the vehicle unloading, no lifting, good stability, there is no rolloff phenomenon.At the same time, the unloading can be realized in the whole working condition, the vehicle can carry out the unloading operation in the forward, reverse and stop state.Also according to the need to adjust the speed and unloading speed, to achieve amortized unloading.2. High passability: the main and auxiliary vehicles are connected by an articulated structure. When passing through soft ground, rough areas and various obstacles (steep slopes, side slopes, ditches, steps, bushes and water barriers), the tires make full contact with the ground and the driving force is more fully utilized.

Mining Dump Truck

3. High mobility: the Articulated Mine Dump Truck adopts an 8×8 or 8×6 driving mode. When turning, the auxiliary vehicle follows the steering direction.4. Large volume.5. Low failure rate and high attendance rate: the main and auxiliary vehicles are connected by an articulated flexible structure. When the articulated dump truck passes the rough road, all the tires will be connected to the groundGood contact, make full use of the ground adhesion, avoid the part of the rigid structure of the wide-body vehicle through the rough road.The tyre and the ground do not contact, the vehicle effective power is low.The flexible joint structure can decompose the vehicle through the rough roadThe impact force generated in the road can effectively relieve and avoid the plate spring fracture caused by the large impact force between the ground and the vehicle.Loose bolt, etc

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