CA3256 FAW New J5P 340HP LHD 30 Tons Loading Capacity Rear Bottom Dump Truck

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In recent years, the demand for horsepower for road logistics vehicles represented by tractors has been continuously upgraded, and more than 500 horsepower has become the mainstream horsepower of tractors. The pace of upgrading the demand for horsepower in the dump truck market has never stopped. 6X4 self-unloading before 2012-2015, accounting for more than 98% of 350 horsepower, in an absolute mainstream position, starting in 2015, 350-400 horsepower began to quickly become a market development hotspot, to the first half of 2018, 350-400 horsepower It has already accounted for 49% of the total, becoming the mainstream horsepower demand, and starting from 2017, 400-450 horsepower began to appear and grow rapidly, and is expected to become the next hot product market. 8X4 self-unloading in 2012, 49% below 300 horsepower, 35% of 300-350 horsepower, in the mainstream position, but in the first half of 2018, only 10% below 300 horsepower, only 300% of 300-350 horsepower %, the demand for small horsepower has shrunk sharply. On the contrary, the proportion of 350-400 horsepower has been increasing and it has become the mainstream of the market. From 2017, 400-450 horsepower began to grow rapidly. Shaanxi Automobile 500 horsepower products and heavy truck 540 horsepower products are already in the market. Sales on the market, it can be said that the horsepower upgrade pace of heavy dump trucks has completely caught up with the tractor. The reason is that the heavy-duty self-unloading load has a large tonnage. On the road, the dump truck with a total weight of 100 tons is very common. In the past, due to the small horsepower, the small horse-drawn cart was snail-like crawling, but now the user is dynamic. The speed of the vehicle is getting higher and higher, and the greater the horsepower, the more popular it is. This is also the root cause of the obvious trend of heavy-duty self-unloading to large horsepower.

1.CA3256 FAW New J5P 340HP Truck Configurations

Overall Dimension

7393/7518x2490x2890/3350(mm) (L*W*H)



Curb Weight





Chassis Brand


Driving Type



New J5P/New J5P 2010(LHD)

Engine and Power

WP10.380E32,CA6DM2-39E3,WP10.340E32,6-cylinder in-line   with water cooling, turbo-charging and inter-cooling, Euro II,EuroIII, Euro IV,EuroV,emission   standard




Model: 430mm,Single Dry Plate

Front Axle


Rear Axle

LC300 casting,i=5.921,13T*2


12R22.5-16,12.00R20-18,12.00R2018,12.00R20-18,11units   including 1 spare tire


Inside Dimension


Hydraulic Cylinder

Ventral T-type lift system

Steel sheet thickness

Floor 8mm, side wall 4mm


One-piece tailgate with upper articulation, safety lock   system

2. Photos for your reference


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