HOWO 10 Wheeler Tipper Truck

SINOTRUK HOWO 10 wheeler dump truck has 10 tires, tri axles, heavy duty truck, which can suitable for strictly bad road and working condition.HOWO tri axle truck can load 20-30 tons, if road is good and local transport department has no limited, it can load 35 tons.

Product Details

Hydraulic system is one of the most important part in HOWO 10 wheeler dump truck, or called HOWO 10 wheel dump truck, it including hydraulic cylinder, upper bracket, hand control valve,lower bracket,pneumatic operated directional valve, oil tank. We have the ability for producing 20000pecs of Multiple loads of hydraulic cylinder, 50000 pecs of single-stage hydraulic cyliner and 80000pecs of hydraulic valves every year. Our 10 wheel truck hydraulic cylinder has the following feathers:High involves safety factor, strong anti-offset capacity, strong load capacity, fast unloading speed, high unloading frequency, wide ambient temperature, high efficiency, low energy consumption.The upper and lower supports are the most stressed and worn parts of the hydraulic system on the HOWO 10 wheeler dump truck, so requires frequent maintenance.


To this end, we China Truck International Ltd have a maintenance-free bushing on the upper and lower bearings of the hydraulic cylinder to prevent dry grinding and prolong service life. We China Truck international ltd offered gear pump which discharge capacity is 100ml/r, pressure is 20 or 25Mpa, rotate speed is 2000-2500r/min, this gear pump on our HOWO dump truck is low maintenance, satisfied hydraulic cylinder's using requirement. QQC id short for "pneumatic operated directional valve", fixed on the hydraulic tank of HOWO 10 wheel tipper, pls be make sure that there is a o-ring between valve seat and valve oil return gate.

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