SINOTRUK Factory Sale 6X4 336HP Dump Truck New HOWO Truck Price

Dump truck refers to a vehicle that unloads cargo by hydraulic or mechanical lifting. Also called dump truck. It is composed of automobile chassis, hydraulic lifting mechanism, cargo compartment and power take-off device.Dump trucks often work with construction machinery such as excavators, loaders, belt conveyors, etc. in civil engineering to form a loading, transporting, and unloading production line for loading, unloading, and transporting earthwork, sand, and bulk materials.

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SINOTRUK Factory Sale 6X4 336HP Dump Truck New HOWO Truck Price


The HOWO series from Sinotruk offers you great value for your money. It comes without all the fancy items that only look impressive on the specification sheet, but aren't really needed in your daily operation. What you get is thought through and proven quality components that make these 6 x 4 dump truck reliable and easy to drive. Developed with the driver's comfort and safety in mind, you get exactly what you need: just a great truck. Simple and reliable.

Better aerodynamics with improved front
Improved aerodynamics : better fuel economy, which again improves your bottom line. Easy access for maintenance.

Ergonomically designed workspace
Ergonomically designed driver's seat: easy reach and access. Comfort for the operator. Design and layout of dashboard provides crucial information in view and all functions in easy reach.

A comfortable ride with air suspended seats
Air-suspended driver and passenger seats: relaxed and comfortable ride. Seats are fully adjustable, fitting the driver's body.

Ample power when you need it
WD615.47, Euro II emission standard,4 stroke direct injection diesel 6 cylinder in-line engine with water cooling, turbo-charging & intercooling. Maximum output: 371hp (273Kw) at 2200 rpm according to DIN and maximum torque 1500 Nm at at 1100~1600 rpm. Meanwhile , WD615.69, WD615.87, WD615.62 is optoinal




MAIN DESCRIPTION                

Overall Dimension                

8545mm*2496mm*3350mm (L*W*H)                



Curb Weight                


Front Overhang                


Rear Overhang                



3825mm +1350mm                


Chassis Brand                

SINOTRUK HOWO                

Driving Type                



HW76, left hand drive, air-conditioner, one bed                

Engine and Power                

Brand: SINOTRUK, diesel engine, 336hp (247kw), 4-stroke direct injection,                

6-cylinder in-line with water cooling, turbo-charging and inter-cooling, Euro II emission standard                


ZF8098, hydraulic steering with power assistance                


HW15710, 10 forward speeds and 2 reverse                


Model: 430, diaphragm clutch                

Front Axle                

HF9, load capacity 9 ton, drum brake                

Rear Axle                

HC16 tandem axle, load capacity 13000kg x2, ratio 5.73                


12.00-20, 11units including 1 spare tire                

CARGO BODY                

Inside Dimension                


Hydraulic Cylinder                

Ventral T-type lift system                

Steel sheet thickness                

Floor 8mm, side wall 6mm                


One-piece tailgate with upper articulation, safety lock system                

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Choose your truck            
<10tons            成都王牌 cdw 737 (2)_副本.jpg            

Driving Model:4x2



Gearbox: Manuel Transmission


Hydraulic System:Middle lift or Front lift





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15tons to 25tons            金王子6X4自卸车 (6)_副本.jpg            

Cabin:L2000, Long Cab,with one bed

Engine: 266hp,290hp,336hp

Gearbox:Manual Transmission with 10 forwards and 2 reverses

Tire:1200R20 Radial tire, 12R22.5Tubless tire

Hydraulic System:Middle lift or front lift

Box Length:4.8-5.4m




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25tons to 40tons            HOWO A7 8X4 自卸车 (1)_副本.jpg            

Cabin:A7-W one sleeper

Engine: 266hp,290hp,336hp,371hp

Gearbox:Manual Transmission with 10 forwards and 2 reverses

Tire:1200R20 Radial tire, 12R22.5Tubless tire

Hydraulic System:Middle lift or front lift

Box Length:4.8-5.6m




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Tips to build your truck body            
Transport medium             Floor(mm)             Side(mm)            
Soil or Stone             8             4            
Construction Waste             10             6            
Big Ore             12             8            
Coal             6             4            
clay             8             4            
Grain or Chemical fertilizer             6             4            

Customer Overseas            



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