characteristics of mining dump truck (1) the shape is especially tall and belongs to the super profile vehicle. The mine dump truck is only running in the limited mining area, the size of the car is not limited, in order to increase the traffic volume per car, increase the volume of the car as...

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characteristics of mining dump truck

(1) the shape is especially tall and belongs to the super profile vehicle.
The mine dump truck is only running in the limited mining area, the size of the car is not limited, in order to increase the traffic volume per car, increase the volume of the car as far as possible and widen the size of the whole vehicle, its width far exceeds the national JTGB01-2003 "highway engineering technical standard" and GB1589-2004 "road vehicle outline size, shaft." The width of road vehicles should not exceed 2.5 meters, and can not be carried on roads.
(2) heavy load and strong power
At present, the load of this kind of vehicle is between 20-360 tons, and it is still developing towards large-scale. Because of the heavy load tonnage and the road slope, the engine must have high power and high torque to ensure the full load up the slope is also easy and powerful, so these types of vehicles are equipped with high "specific torque" and high "torque increase coefficient" of Engineering engines. However, due to poor road conditions, the speed of this type of vehicle is about 30-40km/h.
(3) 2 axis 4 x 2 structure type
The axle distance and the total long force can reduce the area of the loading and unloading field of the mining area to be narrow and frequent turning and reversing, and the roads in the mining area are mostly temporary road surface, more and lower slope in the mountain area and more sharp turn, so as to keep the maneuverability and flexibly, to shorten the axis distance and the total length, so as to reduce the turning radius and reduce the number of reversing, so the 2 axis 4 x 2 structural type is basically adopted. It can ensure that the chassis is simple in structure, convenient in maintenance, and flexible in steering. For such a vehicle, its uniaxial load is far beyond the limit of 12 tons of single axis load stipulated in GB1589-2004 "road vehicle outline size, axle load and quality limit", and can not travel on the road.
(4) frame
The frame is a special structure of engineering machinery and vehicle, all of which are welded structure. The longitudinal beam adopts a closed box section to ensure high torsion strength. The thick steel plate used is low alloy and high strength steel.
(5) carriage
The car also has a full welding structure, the rear of the bucket type floor is warped up, the general slope angle is 12 degrees, and the backboard is no back. The floor is welded by high strength, high hardness and impact resistant steel plate to adapt to the transportation of non highway and mine and the rough stone loading on the construction site and ensure its service life generally reaches 10 years. Up. The latest generation of energy saving type car, represented by Australian technology, uses higher strength alloy steel. Compared with the traditional bucket, the weight of the bucket is reduced by more than 20% and the fuel saving is 8%. The maintenance frequency is reduced by 30%.
(6) suspension
Most of the non Road (dump trucks) are hydro pneumatic suspension, especially for vehicles with a load of more than 45 tons. This type of short wheelbase and high quality vehicle is most suitable for installation and use of hydro pneumatic suspension. There is no corresponding space to install traditional leaf spring damping. The front wheel oil and gas spring cylinder also has the function of steering the main pin, and the outer cylinder is fastened to the outer side of the frame longitudinal beam, thereby eliminating the traditional integral front axle.
(7) turn
Due to the high quality of the vehicle and the large load of the front axle, the steering of the front wheel depends entirely on the hydraulic power. In order to ensure safe and reliable steering, these cars not only use full hydraulic steering, but are equipped with emergency steering systems. When the power of the steering system fails, the emergency steering system can ensure that it has a certain steering ability to stop the car to a safer place.
(8) brake
Therefore, the reliability of the braking system also needs to be guaranteed first. Besides the main brake function of the dump truck, it is equipped with auxiliary slow speed braking capability: the function brake function of the electric retarder is advanced by the engine exhaust brake, the hydraulic retarder or the electric wheel to the generator, and the engine exhaust brake is first put into work when the brake begins; then the hydraulic retarder or the electric retarder is common. With the slow speed braking function, the final wheel main brake put into work so that the use frequency of the main brake is greatly reduced, often in the best state, and the service life of the brake shoe is prolonged.
(9) transmission
Vehicles with a mass of less than 100 tons generally use hydraulic mechanical transmission and traditional rear axle; more than 100 tons of high quality vehicles generally use electric drive: engine driven generator, and electric motor in the rear wheel to drive the rear wheel to drive the car.
(10) the use of engineering tires
The tread patterns and structures of these tyres are different from those of highways. They belong to engineering tires, which are well adapted to the requirements of complex pavement.

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