Howo 6x4 Used Dump Truck

Howo 6x4 used dump truck was choosed the best used cars for three tests and one test before purchase. We do not purchase trucks with any quality problems.Check the important parts, change the parts with quality problems, check thoroughly before transportation, make sure there is no problem, we have the best quality used cars and the best price.

Product Details

Howo 6x4 used dump truck strength:1.The lifting cylinder: The introduction of Japanese technology,equipment prodection of domestic leading single stage single action piston cylinder.The hydraulic is made of special seamless steel tube.The inner wall of the cylinder is honed and non-rolled by fine boring,with high precision and complicated processing. 2.Oil pump and distribution valve:The special high pressure gear oil pump mtching with the system is adopted,and the lifting valve is connected with the oil pump as a whole,forming the pump and valve a whole assembly.(1)Reduce piping and fittings between pump valve;(2)Reduce the chance of oil leaking.(3)Truck assembly more convenient.(4)The function of slow descending avoiding damage to the whole truck. 3.Operation manner:The pneumatic control of dumper.Simple operation&Stable performance. 4.Lifting arm ,pull rod(1)Compact structure and optimal design of stress state;(2)Under the condition of strength guarantee,reduce the dead weight.(3)Tooling gurantee,special aircraft processing,accurate size positioning. 5.hydraulic system circuit.Adopt international advanced closed hydraulic system and closed tank technology.Advantage are:(1)Simple installation of hydraulic system;(2)Without large open tank,the vehicle is easy to arrange;(3)The dead weigh of the hydraulic system is reduced;(4)Stable operation of hydraulic system;(4)Avoid external oil pollution;

Howo 6x4 used dump truck T-type lift:The mechanism is optimized by CAD,which has the advantage of high efficiency,simple structure,good lifting stability,large lifting capacity and good oil pressure characteristics.

Front tipping hydraulic cylinder:The front tipping hydraulic cylinder adopts specially ordered high strength seamless tube with small volume and light weight.Thin wall design,high machining accuracy,small movement gap,improve the antibending ability of hydraulic cylinder.,the pressure change is small,impact is small,the movement is smoother.

Howo 6x4 used dump truck cargo box:(1)The center of gravity of vehicle is low,and the closing height of the bottom plate and the auxiliary frame shall not exceed 340mm;The bottom rail mounted on the subframe

enhances the stability of driving.(2)Compared with other products,the bottom plate structure is significantly changed,and the bending resistance coefficent is increase by about 40%;beam dense ,non-U-channel steel structure.(3)Fully considering the overall bending and torsion resistance of the car,the connection between the bottom plate and the size of the carriage is connected with the interior of the carriage to make full use of the rigidity of the whole carrage to prevent the deformation of the front plate.(4)The carriage bearing ranges from 500mm to 700mm,and is designed with local stress points to prevent deformation.(5)The frontt and rear wide vertical beam of the side plate of the carriage is reinforced;the rear plate of the carriage is covered with reinforcing plates to prevent deformation.

used 6x4 dumper

Manufacture year

2013 to 2016



Curb weight (kg)





HW76,Left/Right Hand Drive Model

Number of axle



As you like


Our company is specializing in exporting for used trucks,truck parts and so is popular in the international market benefited from the management idea insisted all the time" Business Integrity, Quality Guarantee, Quality Guarantee". Satisfying every cooperative customer is company pursuit.

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