HOWO 8X4 440hp Dump Truck

SINOTRUK HOWO 8X4 440hp Dump Truck The ordinary dump truck is divided into: Light dump trucks (less than 3.5 tons), neutral dump trucks (3.5 to 8 tons) and heavy dump trucks (more than 8 tons). Divided according to the dumping direction of the cargo: Backward, sideways, three-side and bottom dump trucks. Divided according to the structure of the car rails: Dump truck with one side open, three side open and dustpan (without back rail).

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Sinotruk HOWO 8X4 440hp Dump Truck

Dump Truck

The structure of the engine, chassis and cab is the same as that of a general truck. The carriage can be tipped backwards or sideways, and the piston rod movement is controlled by the operating system. Later tipping is more common, and the piston rod is pushed to make the carriage tip over. A few dumped in both directions. The high-pressure oil enters the lifting hydraulic cylinder through the distribution valve and the oil pipe, and there is a cab safety shield at the front end of the cabin. The engine drives a hydraulic pump through a transmission and a power take-off device.

The cabin hydraulic tipping mechanism is composed of a fuel tank, a hydraulic pump, a distribution valve, a lifting hydraulic cylinder, a control valve, and an oil pipe. The engine drives a hydraulic pump through a transmission and a power take-off device. High-pressure oil enters the lifting hydraulic cylinder through the distribution valve and the oil pipe, and the piston rod is pushed to tip the cabin. Lateral tipping is more common, and the control of the piston rod movement through the operating system can stop the car in any desired tilt position. The carriage is reset by its own gravity and hydraulic control.


Tippers can be divided into two categories according to their purpose:

One category is heavy and super heavy dump trucks for off-highway transportation. It mainly undertakes transportation tasks such as large mines and water conservancy sites, and is usually used in conjunction with excavators. These vehicles are also called mining dump trucks. Its length, width, height and other outline dimensions and axle loads are not restricted by highway regulations, but can only be used on mines and construction sites.

The other is a light, medium and heavy general dump truck for road transportation. It mainly undertakes the transportation of loose goods such as sand, earth, coal and so on. Some dump trucks are designed for special purposes, so they are also called special dump trucks, such as swing-arm dump trucks, dump trucks, etc. Figure 1 shows the structure of an ordinary dump truck.

After Dumper Truck maintenance

1. When overhauling the dump truck, the shift lever should be placed in the neutral position, and safety protection measures such as braking and covering the wheel should be taken. For example, when carrying out maintenance work on the carriage in the state of the carriage, safety measures such as effective support must be taken.

2. After the engine of the dump truck goes out, check the ammeter for leakage. At the same time, check the cabin lift alarms, indicators, etc. in the cab, which must be complete and effective.

3. Clean the whole car, check the screw tightening of each part, check tires and steel rings, leaf springs, lifting ears, riding bolts, etc.

4. Check for supplementary lubricating oil, fuel oil, hydraulic oil, etc., and check for leaks at the joints of various pipelines.

Howo dump truck

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