HOWO 8x4 Dump/tipper Truck

HOWO 8x4 dump truck is a kind of vehicle which can unload goods by hydraulic or mechanical lifting, also called tipper. It is composed of automobile chassis, hydraulic lifting mechanism, cargo box, power take-off device, etc.In civil engineering, it often works together with excavators, loaders, belt conveyors and other construction machinery to form a loading, transportation and unloading production line for loading, unloading and transportation of earthwork, gravel and bulk materials.

Product Details

HOWO 8x4 dump truck types of lifting: abdominal hydraulic lifting, front hydraulic lifting, double-sided inclinometer hydraulic lifting.There are four kinds of lifting mechanisms: F-type lifting, T-type lifting, front top mechanism and side unloading mechanism.Various types of carriages: rectangular, bucket, U-shaped and other types of carriages are available.

There are three series and characteristics: 1. Rock operation series: strengthen the height of the five longitudinal beams. Through analysis and experiment, under the impact of ore, the structural strength is 60% higher than that of the traditional bottom plate. The strength design of the bottom, back, side and front plate can extend the service life of the car.

2. Engineering operation series: the car is circularly heated by the exhaust gas discharged from the engine, and each cycle is effectively sealed to achieve zero leakage of exhaust gas heating. The middle top subframe is a detachable front crossbeam, which improves the maintainability of the front part of the chassis.

3. Transportation operation series: four longitudinal beam bottom plate structure, which makes the energy of bearing material evenly distributed in the whole area, 27% higher than the traditional bottom plate structure. Direct connection power take-off link structure, mechanical transmission efficiency increased by 7%.

tipper truck

Hydraulic cylinder

HOWO 8x4 dump truck according to the needs of customers, through scientific and professional design, we can create the best products and services for customers.

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