HOWO Light Truck Dump Trucks

HOWO light truck dump trucks is the foundation of society. From ancient times to modern society, the supporting equipment for agriculture is also constantly updated. Today I will introduce a favorite baby of big grain collectors: dump trucks.

Product Details

HOWO light truck dump trucks is designed on the basis of the heavy-duty HOWO light truck "Ten Kings". It is equipped with the Yunwei Dewei F40 engine, with a displacement of 3.92L, 170 horsepower, and a torque of 600N.M. The transmission is in ten speeds. Transmission, 8-ton rear axle, rear axle speed ratio of 4.875.

HOWO light truck dump Yune Dewei F40 engine is an engine produced by Yunnei Engine Factory using German DEV technology. It uses sixteen valve technology to speed up the engine's air intake and exchange rate, so that the fuel is better atomized and burns more fully. . It has a rated power of 125KW, a horsepower of 170 hp, and a torque of 600N.M. When the engine speed is 2600RPM, the output power is maximum, and the maximum torque speed is 1300-1900RPM. It uses German high-pressure common rail fuel injection system and has good fuel economy.

The engine-matching gearbox is a heavy-duty HW90510C ten-speed gearbox. It uses a main box with double intermediate shafts, and a secondary box with double intermediate shafts. The gear is easy and easy to operate. It has a first gear ratio of 11.786 and a final gear ratio of 0.78. It easily rides in rural fields when wheat is harvested in autumn.

light dumper

light dump truck

The vehicle is equipped with a 170-horsepower engine, matched with a ten-speed gearbox and a rear axle with a speed ratio of 4.875. The economic fuel consumption range is 68KM / h-95KM / h, and the fuel consumption economic range is wider, which fully guarantees the fuel of the entire vehicle. Economical.

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