Howo Mining Dumper truck

Howo mining dump truck is a non-highway vehicle, mainly used in mines. In engineering, it is more durable and more heavy-duty than general trucks. Ordinary dump trucks are used to meet the needs of road transportation, and mining trucks are used to meet the needs of mining construction operations. Therefore, the entire vehicle and the components used in the mining truck have been designed and manufactured for such users.

Product Details

Howo mining dump truck completely out of the existing design concept of dumping,completely new development for the characteristics of mining conditions ,suitable for a variety of open-pit

mines,reeclamation projects,steel plants,water and electricity sites,docks and other environmentally harsh places to work,engaged in shortterm area Distance transfer business in a non-announced model.It have achieved outstanding market performationce in China's Inner Mongolia,Yinchuan,Shaanxi,and other neighboring countries,as well as in Outer Mongolia,Myanmar,Vietnam,Thailand and other neighboring countries.


The service life of HOWO minging dump truck is much longer than that of an ordinary 5.6 meter model.

application examples 1

application examples 2

application examples3

Howo mining dump truck hydraulic cylinder, frame, gearbox, engine, cab and so on have a strong advantage, for many years exported to Africa, South America, southeast Asia and other major markets sales first, customer feedback effect is good.

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