HOWO Mining Dump Truck

HOWO mining dump truck is a kind of heavy dump truck used in the open pit mine to complete the task of rock and earth stripping and ore transportation. Its working characteristics are short transportation distance and heavy load. It is usually loaded by large electric shovel or hydraulic shovel, and it goes back and forth to the mining point and ore unloading point. The "off-road" here does not mean off-road driving, but only because its appearance is too wide and its total mass is too large, it is not allowed to drive on the road.

Product Details

HOWO mining dump truck has strong power, super load-carrying capacity and excellent stability brought by wide and thick body, which completely solves the durability problem of the vehicle in bad working conditions, with low consumption and long service life, and brings huge economic benefits for customers.

Mining dump truck in the design, the use needs of customers are fully considered to make a solid and strong car, to ensure a reasonable distribution of axle load of the whole vehicle, a reasonable upper assembly matching, and a more perfect performance of the chassis.

HOWO mining dump truck wide side equal width subframe with more than one meter is designed with a brand-new non total base plate, which can effectively share the load of the whole vehicle, at the same time, take into account the reduction of the center of gravity of the whole vehicle, the large bearing strength, and the super long span overturned support structure, so as to maximize the stability of the lifting carriage.

Mining dump truck the reinforced frame carriage, which has strong bending and torsion resistance, is widely used in the case of heavy cargo and high requirements for the overall structural strength and rigidity of the carriage. The addition of the edge plate and the sharp angle beam at the top of the rear plate strengthens the impact resistance of the carriage.

mining dumper

HOWO mining dump truck high quality hydraulic system, thickened and thickened rear plate suspension hinge seat, 16mm chain buffer opening and closing mechanism, automatic locking mechanism of Shanhang and other new technologies and new technologies are put into full-time investment to create excellent products for you.

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