Howo Used 6X4 Dump Trucks

Dump truck is a vehicle that unloads cargo by hydraulic or mechanical lifting. Also known as a dump truck. It is composed of automobile chassis, hydraulic lifting mechanism, cargo compartment and power take-off device. There are two types of dump trucks: rear dumping and side dumping. The piston rod movement is controlled by the operating system. Backward dumping is more common. Pushing the piston rod causes the truck to tip over. This article introduces the used Howo 6X4 Dump Truck. The vehicle is in good condition. We will overhaul and spray paint before starting the vehicle, and we will provide customers with quality service.

Product Details

Advantages´╝ÜBecause the loading compartment can automatically tip over to unload at a certain angle, it greatly saves unloading time and labor, shortens the transportation cycle, improves production efficiency, and reduces transportation costs. It is a commonly used transportation special vehicle.

Operating procedures´╝Ü

1. Do not suddenly push the lifting handle to the "lowering position" in the middle of full-load lifting.

If this operation error occurs, the carriage suddenly rushes down, which will bring a lot of impact to the frame and even an accident. Therefore, the above operations should be avoided as much as possible, and if there are special circumstances, they must be carefully operated, and the landing speed should be slowed down as much as possible, and you must not suddenly drop the carriage to the end.

2. Don't use junk car-junk brake to unload.

Due to the large inertial force of the car (usually 5 to 20 times the rated lifting force), it is easy to cause damage to the permanent deformation of the frame, welding of the compartment and sub-frame, burning of the oil pump or damage to the seal ring, and damage to the hydraulic cylinder. , The service life of the vehicle is reduced, and in serious cases, a rollover accident may occur. Therefore, generally, dump trucks are forbidden to drive during lifting.

3. After unloading the dump truck, the power take-off must be disengaged before the vehicle is viable.

If this operation error occurs, when the dump truck is running, the lift pump is running at high speed for a long time without load because the power take-off is in the "engaged" position. As a result, the temperature of the hydraulic oil rises rapidly, which can easily cause damage to the oil seal of the oil pump, or even cause the oil pump to "burn out". What's more serious is that the operation of the oil pump means that the hydraulic system has a power source, and it is easy for the cabin to automatically rise during driving Accident.

4. The power take-off cannot be in the "on" position when driving.

If it is in the "on" state (the red light is on), the oil pump will continue to rotate and the hydraulic system will have a power source. This will cause the car to automatically lift due to misoperation on the pneumatic control valve. Even if the control valve is in the "down" position, the oil pump to burn out.

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Howo Used 6X4 Dump Trucks

Technical Parameters (Configuration can be changed as required)


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