Mining Dump Truck

​Mining Dump Trucks are off-highway dump trucks. They are dump trucks used to transport coal mines and sand in off-road field sites, such as large open-pit mines and water conservancy projects. In civil engineering, it often works in conjunction with excavators, loaders, belt conveyors and other construction machinery to form a loading, transporting and unloading production line for loading and unloading of earthwork, gravel and bulk materials. The off-road mining dump truck is mainly composed of engine, chassis, control compartment (head), generator system, body (actuating system) and auxiliary power system.

Product Details

Sinotruk HOWO Mining Dump Truck

The off-highway mining dump truck has been developed for decades, and the basic technology has been very mature. The brands mainly include Sinotruk's Howo Mine Warriors, American CATERPILLAR (TERC, EUCLID-HITACHI, KOMATSU, BELAZ of Belarus, etc., their products are mainly concentrated in models of 40 tons or more.

caterpillar 797 dump truck

Drive form: 6x4 / 10 Wheels / 3 Axles

Horsepower: 371HP / 420HP

Transmission: HW21712, 12F & 2R

Drive axle: AC26, 2x26000 KGS

Chassis models: ZZ5707S3840AJ, ZZ5707S4040AJ, ZZ5707S4840AJ, ZZ5707V3640CJ, ZZ5707V3840CJ, ZZ5707V4040CJ, ZZ5707V4840CJ

Drive form: 6X4

Cab: HW7D cab without sleeper, two seats, adjustable driver seat, with heating and ventilation system, external sun visor, seat belt, adjustable steering wheel, air horn, air conditioning, lateral stabilizer, four-point support fully Floating suspension shock absorption.

Engine: Manufacturer: Sinotruk

Four-stroke direct-injection diesel engine

Engine: WD615.47T2, 371 HP; D12.42T2,420;

Emission standard: Euro 2

Inline six-cylinder water-cooled turbocharged intercooler

Displacement: 9.726 L

Transmission: HW21712, 12F & 2R, with PTO

Steering system: ZF power steering model ZF8118, power assisted hydraulic steering

Front axle: HF12, 1x12000 KGS

Double-section beam steering

Rear axle: AC26, 2x26000 KGS

Central single-stage reduction axle housing, hub reduction, differential lock between wheels and axles.

Speed ratio: 10.47, 8.51

Chassis: Front suspension: 1500mm, semi-elliptical leaf spring and shock absorber cavitation

Rear suspension: 1000mm, overall balance shaft balance suspension, 4 bolts inclined at one side

Braking system:

1.Braking: dual-circuit pneumatic braking

2.Parking brake (emergency braking): Spring energy, compressed air works on the front axle and rear wheels.

3.Auxiliary brake: engine exhaust brake

Power system:

1.Working voltage: 24 volts, negative ground

2.Starter: 24 Volts, 5.4 kW

3.Generator: three-phase, 28 V, 1500 W

4.Battery: 2 × 12V, 165AH

5.Cigarette lighter, horn, headlight, fog light, brake light, indicator light and reversing light

Tire: 14.00-25, with a spare tire

Fuel tank: 500L

Cargo box: length: 5.8M, 6.3M, 6.8M, 7.6M; width: 3.1M; H height: 1.2-2M

Vehicle size: 9045 * 3200 * 3770 mm

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