Sinotruck HOWO Used Dump Truck

Sinotruck HOWO used dump truck has very good performance like new truck,and has very beautiful price.It is used in the civil engineering,usually jointly operated with excavators,loaders,belt conveyor and other engineering equipment,constituting a load-transporting work.

Product Details

Sinotruck HOWO used dump truck cargo body technical character:domestic and foreign well-know brand steel plate material can be customized thickness.Thickness allowed tolerance range is less than national standards.Various kinds of integrated high strength plate and wear plate cargo body can be customized according to customer demands.

HOWO used dump truck hydraulic lifting system:Under-body hydraulic lifting system--mechanism optimization,efficient and reliable,low whole vehicle center-of-gravity height,reliable moving and lifting capacity;Hydraulic pressure curve is smooth,the performance of hydraulic cylinder ,drag link arm and the bracker is best played. It ave abtained 2 utility model patent for our under-body tipping Hydraulic cylinder Products at present.

Sinotruck HOWO used dump truck specification of F-type lifting system'characteristics : (1).The hydraulic cylinder is made by seamless steel tube;(2).The piston is made bycast iron,seal use ZTM03-2-220 guidance tape and UN200YX ring form.(3). Cylinder head connected cylinder body through bolt,SNY seal ring and SCK scarper seal are installed between piston rod and cylinder head.

HOWO used dump truck specification of T-type lifting system:(1)The hydraulic cylinder characteristics:Is made by seamless steel tube.(2).The piston is made by cast iron,seal use ZTM03-2-220 guidance tape and UN200YX ring form.(3).Cylinder with no oil tank,the system shoule be equippede with an independent oil tank.



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