8x4 336HP 30-40t LHD Stock Dump Truck

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How to evaluate the quality of a dump truck?

1. The dump truck compartment should be lifted and lowered smoothly. No turbulence, collision and jamming are allowed. The maximum lifting angle of the carriage is about 2 degrees from the theoretical setting value.

2. Under 10% overload conditions, the carriages are lifted by 10 degrees and 20 degrees respectively for 5 minutes. The self-reduction rate of the carriage shall not exceed 2.5 degrees. The carriage shall meet the following requirements: the surface of the carriage shall be flat and the outer surface shall not allow obvious Rugged; there is sufficient rigidity and strength; the length of the carriage is allowed to differ by 8mm, and the straightness and parallelism of the two beams must be controlled within 3mm; the difference between the two diagonals should not exceed 10mm. The between the base of the car and the chassis of the car should be Fit, the unsuitable distance caused by deformation shall not exceed 6mm; the rear compartment panel and the rear end of the compartment shall be fitted together, the maximum clearance is less than 3mm at the upper end and less than 1mm at the lower end; the locking mechanism is flexible to open and reliable to lock. . When the car is lifted 3 degrees, it can keep the lock state. When it is lifted to 5 degrees to 8 degrees, it must be fully opened. Others should conform to QCn20951-1999; the unloading control mechanism should be flexible, accurate and reliable; the car is not allowed to appear during driving. Automatic lifting phenomenon. When the car is lifted and lifted for maintenance, there shall be a device to prevent the car from falling. The hydraulic tilting device shall continuously lift and descend 3000 times of the tilt reliability test under the rated load. After the test, the following requirements shall be met: hydraulic dumping parts No damage shall occur (except for consumables); the self-decrease of the carriage shall comply with the national standards; the time for the carriage to be lifted to the maximum lift angle shall not exceed 20 seconds; the empty load of the carriage shall decrease from the maximum lift angle to The sub-frame fits for no more than 20 seconds.

 HOWO 8X4 Dump Truck Main Specifications

Load Parameters 
  G. V. W.   (kg)                     31000
  Curb weight, toal (kg)       15420
  Loading capacity  (kg)       30000
  Drive form                          8X4
  Max. speed KM/h              75KM/h
  Front axle capacity(KG)6300/7000
  Rear axle capacity (KG)17700
  Leaf spring14/13/14/13/12
Dimension Parameters
  Dimension(mm)  (L*W*H)10745,10545,10680,10245×2496×3450,3800
  Cargo boxDimension(L*W*H)7800,7600,7300×2300×1050
  Wheel base(mm)1800+3800+1350
  Wheel trace(mm)2041/2041,  1830/1830
Configuration Parameters 
  CabinCabin typeSingle
Seating capacity2
Max. horsepower371HP 
Max. power273KW
Max.output torque1350N·m
Combustion typesDiesel
  Fuel tank capacity300L
  Emission standardEURO 2

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