HOWO Dump Truck

The construction of the engine, chassis and cab of the dump truck is the same as that of the general truck. The high-pressure oil enters the lifting hydraulic cylinder through the distribution valve and oil pipe, and the front end of the carriage is provided with the safety protection plate of...

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How to keep safe using environment ?1. When the HOWO dump truck is in the gear position, do not combine the power take-off. Be sure to separate the power take-off from the gearbox after lifting. 2. Do not run the engine too fast during the lifting process. The overspeed operation of the oil pump may result in insufficient supply of hydraulic oil and burn the oil pump. 3. Make sure that the back door can be opened before the cabinet is lifted to 10 degrees. 4. Before attempting to clear any obstacles stuck in the HOWO dump truck box, please drop the car. If the cargo box is higher than the back door, please ensure that it will not catch the back door. The car may be carried by the tail of the car. Causes a backward tilt. 5. Before the HOWO dump truck body is fully supported, it is determined not to stand under the lifted car. 6. Please note that some goods are prone to cold solidification and freeze on one side of the HOWO dump truck, causing partial load during unloading. 7. Please note that the density of some goods is not uniform, which may lead to uneven unloading, resulting in unstable vehicles and vehicle dumping.

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