Used 10 Wheelers Howo Dump Truck

Used car, translated in English as "Second Hand Vehicle" or "Used Car", meaning "second-hand car" or "used car", called "old motor vehicle" in China. Purchase advantage 1. Affordable Second-hand cars are generally not the latest models in the...

Product Details

Used truck(Second Hand truck)

Purchase advantage

1. Affordable

Second-hand trucks are generally not the latest models in the current truck market. Generally, they are produced two years before. The same brand of used trucks of the same model can save thousands of dollars than brand new.In addition, If the budget of the buyer is not very affluent, then buying a used truck is still very cost-effective.

2. Low discount rate

Any car, as long as it is registered in the vehicle management, whether you use it or not, or if you use more or less, its value is declining every year. Generally speaking, it will depreciate by 20% after one year, depreciate by 35% after two years, and depreciate by 50% after three years. According to the fair price second-hand car evaluation statistics, the higher the discount rate of high-end cars, the annual discount rate will be as high as 10,000 yuan. If you want to buy a used car, it is equivalent to someone else paying for their own discount rate, buy a new car, you can buy two good used cars, even if you use a few years later, then sell the car, also Will not lose much. There will be accurate vehicle valuation reports for branded models that search for used cars at fair prices.

Models & Specification of Commodity

Used 10 wheelers HOWO Dump Truck

Engine:WD615.47, 371HP

Driving Type: LHD,

Tyre:10 tyres with good condition



Loading Capacity:30-40T

Made year: 2015

Mileage: 20000km-40000km

The used dump truck will be deal with full maintenance before delivery.



If you have any needs or question,pls contact +8613325016030(wechat whatsapp same to)

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