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China used dump trucks are popular on the world, loading capacity can ranged from 20 tons to 45 tons.Used trucks has ventral tipper and front dump different.Price of used trucks usually is half of the brand new truck, if you want to buy a truck to earn money for you, don't hesistate to buy a used truck.

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When considering the price of a second-hand trucks, the contents involved including the brand, model of the used truck, the color of the truck body, the displacement of the used truck engine, the date of the truck purchase, the mileage traveled, the license plate, the specific number of transfers, Whether it is an accident vehicle, etc.How to quickly identify the appearance of used trucks? 1. Place the used trucks on the ground, stand in front of the truck 3 to 5 meters, and observe whether the shoulder of the truck is the same height. If it is different, it means that the steel frame has been repaired or suspended. The shock absorption is not fixed. 2. Check if the joint between the engine cover and the front fenders on both sides is consistent. 3. Check whether the front and rear headlights of the used trucks are always old, whether the gap of the lamp position is uniform, and whether the left and right sides are symmetrical. 4. Open the engine hood and check whether the original rubber strip of the hood frame exists and whether the inner plane of the entire cover is deformed. 5. Check the top cover of the machine and stand at the 45-degree angle in front of the used trucks to check the smoothness of the side. 6. Check whether the joints of the two doors before and after are uniform and symmetrical. 7. Observe whether the glass sealant strips are neat; check if there is any mark on the glass window, and all the marks are the same brand. 8. Open the door and check whether the door frame is deformed. Whether the welding point on the door frame is the original glue point; whether there is collision mark on the skirt. 9. Whether the A-pillar, B-pillar, and C-pillar are deformed, whether there are collision marks or paint traces. 10, see if the tire pattern is aging or worn.We have a big warehouse, there is thousands of used tractor trucks, used dump trucks, used concerte trucks, used tank trucks, welcome to choose the used trucks for yourself or your customers!

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