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HOWO Fire Frighting truck also known as fire engines, it refers to the vehicles designed and manufactured according to the needs to be used by firefighters and equipped with all kinds of fire-fighting equipment or agents for the use of fire-fighting forces in fire-fighting, auxiliary fire-fighting or fire-fighting rescue.

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HOWO Fire Frighting truck usually equipped with steel ladder, water gun, portable fire extinguisher, self-contained breathing apparatus, protective clothing, breaking tools, first-aid tools and other equipment, some will also carry large fire extinguishing equipment such as water tank, water pump, foam extinguishing device.

HOWO Fire Frighting truck It is composed of 1. Vehicle operation (chassis, driving system); 2. Fire pump (mass of medium and low pressure pump; 3. Special equipment carried by the vehicle (such as special equipment on emergency rescue vehicle),The working environment is quite complex. Especially in modern fires, the proportion of conventional inflammables such as wood, hemp and cotton is not high, but more chemicals, electrical appliances, metals, liquids and gases. And fire trucks often go in and out of these occasions, for the mechanical reliability of the vehicle itself, it is not only corrosion-resistant or impact resistant, high rigidity. In order to ensure their normal operation, the chassis is undoubtedly the most important thing,so HOWO Fire Frighting truck is a high-quality choice with strong sustained combat capability, performance stability and maneuverability

HOWO Fire Frighting truck according to the installation position of the water pump on the fire truck: front pump fire truck: the water pump is installed at the front of the fire truck, with the advantages of convenient maintenance of the water pump, which is suitable for medium and light fire trucks; middle pump fire truck: the water pump is installed in the middle of the fire truck; at present, most fire trucks in China adopt this type: the advantages are that the overall layout of the whole vehicle is relatively reasonable; rear pump fire trucks Anti vehicle: its features are that the maintenance of the water pump is more convenient than the middle pump; inverted pump fire truck: the water pump is located on the side of the frame, which is often used by the airport rescue fire truck with rear engine. This arrangement can reduce the center of gravity of the whole vehicle, and also bring convenience to overhaul the water pump.

fire frighting datails

6x4 Howo 12cbm water foam fire fighting truck
Model No.SINOTRUKAxles3
G.V.W(Kg)34000Tank volume(m3)16-20
Curb weight(Kg)9230Overall dimension (mm)9830x2500x3850
Rated weight(Kg)15550Axles Load(Kg)7600/24050
Seating person5,6Front/rear suspension (mm)150/2380
Approach/departure angle (°)16/13Max speed(Km/h)80
Wheelbase(mm)4600+1350,4575+1400Front/rear Tread(mm)2022/1830
Axle load(Kg)6056/6944/18000Driver cab5-6 passengers allowed
Chassis modelZZ5347V4647D1 (6-cylinder in-line with water cooling )
Engine modelManufacturerDisplacement(ML)Rated power(Kw)
D10.38-40China Heavy Duty Truck Group9726276
D12.42-40China Heavy Duty Truck Group11596309
MC11.40-40China Heavy Duty Truck Group10518297
Emission standardEuro 2
Tire size12.00-20,12.00R20,315/80R22.5Tire No.11(including 1 spare tire)

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HOWO Fire Frighting truck according to the needs of customers, we can choose the right chassis and top mounting for them, give you the best quality and the best service, so that you can use and after-sale without worries.

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