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Fire trucks in most countries are red.Because it stands out the most, you can see it from a distance.But according to the New York department of transportation, red fire trucks cause 32 accidents for every 100,000 vehicle appearances.For every 100, 000 trips, the number of accidents dropped by more than half, to 14.5.Because light tone can make the outline of the car appears bigger, have the feeling that is closer to oneself, advantageous to traffic safety.So they advocate painting fire engines yellow.But the fire department is firmly opposed to this, because yellow makes people emotionally stable and can reduce the efficiency of fighting fires, while red is more aggressive and inspiring.

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After the fire truck rushed to the fire site and arrived at the fire site, occupy the fire fighting position, quickly into the fire fighting.1. In the process of running to the fire site, the fire engine must ensure safe and rapid running.Fire trucks should travel in the nearest fire truck passage.When more than one vehicle is out, each workshop keeps enough safe distance (50 meters to 80 meters is appropriate) to travel.After arriving at the fire site, multiple vehicles are not allowed to enter the same combat area at the same time, so as to prevent the fire site commander from transferring vehicles to fire fighting in time, thus delaying the aircraft.2. The fire truck driver must firmly obey the command of the fire site commander and execute the command of the commander intelligently and flexibly to ensure the smooth execution of the fire fighting.In the case of irreversible change of the fire situation, which directly endangers the safety of the fire engine, the vehicle can be moved to a safer place to continue to fight, and timely report the vehicle parking location.

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Foam fire truck is the necessary equipment to fight and rescue the fire in petroleum, chemical industry, factory and mining enterprises, port and cargo yard, etc.Because it also has the performance of water tank fire truck, so, the correct use of foam fire truck for each fire scene commander, is a problem worthy of attention.Because of the special performance of foam fire truck, most of the fire sites faced by this kind of fire truck are petrochemical and other dangerous fire scene

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