Sinotruk HOWO 20ton Fire Truck, Fire Fighting Truck

The straight-arm ladder fire truck is equipped with a telescopic ladder, which can be equipped with a bucket turntable and a fire-fighting device for firefighters to climb to extinguish fires and rescue trapped people. It is suitable for the fire fighting of high-rise buildings. Fire trucks...

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Speed of fire fighters in China: 50 seconds in summer, 60 seconds in winter, overtime will face rectification! Since the establishment of the fire brigade, there have been nearly one thousand officers and men who have died in fire fighting and rescue, rescue and disaster relief and have been approved as martyrs. In the past decade alone, there have been 300 firefighters across the country who have died in the first line of rescue, three per month on average.Wish all the fire people are treated well, wish every retrograde will not be alone!

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Tank volume(m3) :16-20

Curb weight(Kg) :9230   

Overall dimension (mm): 9830x2500x3850
Rated weight(Kg) :15550   

Axles Load(Kg) :7600/24050
Seating person :5,6  

Front/rear suspension (mm) :150/2380
Approach/departure angle (°) :16/13  

Max speed(Km/h): 80
Wheelbase(mm) :4600+1350,4575+1400  

Front/rear Tread(mm): 2022/1830
Axle load(Kg) :6056/6944/18000  

Driver cab:  5-6 passengers allowed
Chassis model: ZZ5347V4647D1 (6-cylinder in-line with water cooling )
Engine model: D10.38-40,Euro 2 Emission standard

Water Tank Capacity :1 2,0 00L
Fire Monitor range: ≥  60 M, PS50 pump

Water Diversion Way: circulation
Water Diversion Time: ≤35s, 

Rated Flow:  60L/s
Pump Room: Middle or rear-mounted pump (Left and right side of the pump room) compartment side have the new style high-strength alloy aluminum rolling doors
Storage side have the new style high-strength alloy aluminum rolling doors
Electrical Equipment: The top of cab equipped with long-lined light, the back of the truck equipped with red and blue matched strobe lights, the down side installed security lights. Crew rooms, storage compartment and pumping room equipped with lights plus 100W siren, rotary light switches and reserved communication equipment ports.

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