HOWO 18CBM Rear Compactor Garbage Truck

HOWO 18CBM Rear Compactor Garbage Truck: When the feeding drum of the compressed garbage truck is filled with garbage, the sliding plate drives the scraping plate to move downwards together, inserts it into the garbage for the first crushing and compression, and the scraping plate rotates forward to further crush the debris. When garbage truck unloads the garbage in the processing (or landfill) field, the shovel moves backward, and the garbage in the garbage can is pushed out horizontally.

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The advantages of HOWO 18CBM Rear Compactor Garbage Truck

Frame structure garbage bin is welded with strengthened beam and steel plate to form a firm frame structure.

It has beautiful appearance, light weight, good stress and no deformation. The push shovel is composed of steel pipe skeleton and folding panel, which not only has a light structure, but also makes the garbage even. Distribution, unloading is clean and thorough; the filling device is mainly composed of filler shell, slide plate, scraper and other components. Each member adopts beam plate or box structure with good force, firm structure and light weight.

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HOWO 6x4 18m3 Garbage Compactor Truck

Gross weight kg


Curb weight  ( kg)





Diesel: 4-stroke direct injection diesel engine

Model: WD615.69 336HP EURO II emission standard, 6-cylinder in-line with water cooling, turbo-charging and inter-cooler

Bore x Stroke: 126mm x 130mm

Maximum output: 336HP(247KW) at 2200rmp

Displacement: 9.726L

Fuel: Diesel


HW76, Extended Cab,up/down and front/back adjustable steering wheel,new European style whole heating and ventilating system,

ItemName1Warm wind supply2Horn Button3Steering Wheel4Combination Instrument5Cruise Switch6Hand Braking Valve7Semitrailer Hand Braking Valve8Transmission Handle9Rocker Switch10Ashtray11Cigarette Lighter

with electronic controlled model,

with four points suspension & absorber

and stabilizer equipment, all the truck with the double-locking safety belts and outside sun visor

Left Hand Drive Model


HW19710, SINOTRUK 10 forward & 2 reverse manual gearbox

Ratio of Every Gear1st2nd3rd4th5th6th7th8th9th10thR1R210.527.835.85 4.353.252.42 1.80 1.341.00 0.759.47 2.18


Steering Gear

ZF8198, German ZF hydraulic steering with power assistance



Single plate φ430 diaphragm spring clutch

Number of axle


Front axle  


HF9  STEYR/HOWO drum brake front axle, axle loading capacity is 9000kg


Driving axle

HC16    Rated loading capacity:16T

Double reduction





Overhang front/rear(mm)


Wheel base (mm)




Approach/departure angle


Maximum speed(km/h)


 Fuel Tank



front and rear leaf spring suspension+shock absorber+transverse stabilizer

Electrical System

Voltage: 24V

Batteries: 2x12V 165Ah

Starter: 24V, 5.5KW

Alternator: 28V/80A

Braking System

Service brake: Dual-circuit air brake

Parking brake: Spring brakes on rear axle

Auxiliary brake: Exhaust valve braking(EVB)


Standard: red, yellow, green, white, blue, black

Optional: others you liked

Overall Dimension(L X W X H mm)



Electrical tilting cab

MTCO tachographs


●HOWO 18CBM Rear Compactor Garbage Truck:Sealing treatment eliminates secondary pollution.

The garbage is closed in the process of compression filling and transportation. The joint surface of the garbage can and the filler is sealed with a special rubber sealing strip. The front end of the garbage can has sewage from the rear of the garbage can and the shovel. The water inlet of the box can receive the sewage leaking due to the aging or damage of the sealing strip between the garbage box and the filler during use, and the sewage tank is equipped with a cylinder control or a manually controlled sewage valve, which is convenient for the designated place. Drain sewage. The filler cover completely covers the filling port of the filler, eliminating the phenomenon that the dust of the car is caused by the disturbance of the airflow at the rear of the transportation process, and is more beautiful.

●Garbage Compactor :Electrical fluid joint control.

The control system of the vehicle comprehensively utilizes the advantages of electronic control, air control and hydraulic control. The air control system is controlled by the electronic control system, and the hydraulic valve group is controlled by the air control system, effectively solving the interface problem between the hydraulic system and the electrical system. Fully utilize the characteristics of multi-way reversing valve to resist oil pollution of electromagnetic reversing valve, eliminate the stuck phenomenon of the valve, and improve the reliability and efficiency of use.

Hydraulic lifting safety circuit.

In the hydraulic system of the lift filler, an explosion-proof valve is provided, which blocks the direct connection between the lifting cylinder and the hydraulic hose. Even if the oil pipe bursts, the filler will not suddenly fall and cause a serious accident, which improves the safety of use. Sex.

Automatic, manual operating system.

The work of each organization has two modes of operation: automatic and manual. For example, the automatic operation of the compressed garbage truck is faulty. The manual operation can be used to complete the operation of the mechanism and the garbage is discharged, which not only ensures the efficient operation of the garbage truck, but also debugs, repairs and Fault handling provides great convenience.

Automatic control of engine power output.

Engine power output control, ie throttle control, can be fully automated through the electrical system to meet the power requirements of the waste filling cycle and push unloading. Under other conditions, the engine is automatically idle, reducing power loss and failure. Incidence, reduce fuel consumption, and improve economics of use.

Advanced electronic control system.

The imported PLC (programmable controller) integrated control is adopted, and the control circuit is generated in the PLC. The logic loop is used to ensure that each operation instruction is executed in sequence, and at the same time, the interlocking between the operation instructions is ensured, and only the external line connection is connected, thereby reducing the occurrence of the failure. The rate avoids the accident caused by misoperation and improves the reliability; the special emergency brake button can stop the garbage filling mechanism in any state or any position to ensure the safety of the operators and equipment.

Convenient operation control.

The operation control box is installed in the cab and the rear of the vehicle respectively. The operation control box in the cab can control the push discharge and select the operation mode (such as automatic or manual), and the operation control box at the rear controls the press mechanism and the tumbling mechanism. The operation is very convenient to use. Especially in landfills, operators can discharge and discharge water without having to get off the bus. Line remote control can be installed according to user requirements.

Garbage compression vehicles have a variety of bucket (bucket) mechanisms.

Different users can choose different dumping buckets according to different garbage collection methods: standard garbage iron drum ZBT59003-88 (300 liters), plastic trash can (240 liters), small garbage bucket (800 liters) ), sealed cover type garbage bucket (1400 liters), large garbage bucket (3350 liters).

ATTENTION for HOWO 18CBM Rear Compactor Garbage Truck

Also remind the safe use of compressed garbage trucks: In the engine movement, absolutely must not enter the "box" or "hopper". In the case of inspection adjustments, etc., the engine must be stopped, the key must be removed, and it should be taken with you. When the engine is operating, the device may be inadvertently operated due to an erroneous operation or the like to create a risk of being caught and caught. Stop the engine, unplug the key, and bring it with you.

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