Howo Compactor Garbage Truck

The use of compressed garbage truck should pay attention to the following problems: when leaving the compression garbage truck, you must pull the handbrake and turn off the engine.

Product Details

Howo Compactor Garbage Truck is composed of sealed garbage box, hydraulic system and operating system.Vehicle is fully sealed type, compression, to dump all, compression in the process of sewage into the water, more thoroughly solve the secondary pollution in the process of waste transportation issues, to avoid the inconvenience to people, the key parts adopt imported components, high pressure, good sealing, convenient operation, safety, etc.

Chassis brand

Howo Compactor Garbage Truck

Sinotruk HOWO

Overall dimension(L*W*H)6850*2050*2750mm
Compressed tank6 m3
Curb weight5400 kg
Gross weight7360 kg
Front axle2700 kg
Rear axle5500 kg
Wheel Base3350 mm
Front/rear suspension1150/2400 mm
Approach/departure angle20/12 (°)
TransmissionFive Forward & one reverse.
Tyre size & number7.50-16, with one spare tyre
Max speed90 km/h
Engine TypeDiesel,Vertical in-line, water-cooled, four stroke, electronically controlled high pressure common rail
MaterialCarbon steel,inner epoxy anticorrosive

compress garbage truck (2)

Howo Compactor Garbage Truck is mainly through garbage load, the loading device, pushing shovel, hydraulic system, a special device such as implementation rubbish into, crush, or crushed new green the compression type garbage truck with garbage collection convenient, efficient and can automatically compressed garbage repeatedly, and creep compression, high compression ratio, large loading capacity, operation automation, sealing good characteristic.

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