HOWO Compression Garbage Truck

Vehicle is fully sealed type, compression, to dump all, compression in the process of sewage into the water, more thoroughly solve the secondary pollution in the process of waste transportation issues

Product Details

HOWO Compression Garbage Truck outstanding features: The garbage collection method is simple: change the dirty and disorderly appearance of putting garbage canisters on the streets of the city, and eliminate the secondary pollution.

HOWO Compression Garbage Truck Description:

Item No.Parameters
Overall Dimension8290x2496x3170 mm
Gross Vehicle Weight16650 kg
Curb weight8650 kg
Front axle loading capacityHF9
Rear axle loading capacityST16
Max Driving Speed75 km/h
Gear BoxHW19710
Steering GearZF 8098, power steering, hydraulic steering with power assistance
ClutchReinforced diaphragm clutch, diameter 430mm
Fuel Tank400L Aluminum alloy fuel tank
CabinHOWO 76 Standard Cab, LHD Two seats with 1 sleeper
Equipment1. Garbage body: 12m3.
2,Equipped with hermetic dustbin, hydraulic system and operating system
3, Automatic compress and uninstall, sewage can be collected by the dump tank.
4. Cycling time<14--18s

garbage truck

In the working process of HOWO Compression Garbage Truck, the garbage loading situation is the load change of garbage truck and whether the garbage in the garbage container is filled, which is difficult to monitor in general.By loading the garbage monitoring system, it can detect the change of vehicle load and whether the garbage is filled at any time and place, providing reference for garbage truck drivers and managers.This is beneficial to improve the scientific nature of garbage truck operation and traffic safety, but also can reduce the workload of staff, improve work efficiency.

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