HOWO Self-loading Garbage Truck

HOWO Self-loading garbage truck can work for collection and transport of urban and rural of eat hutch garbage,it have mature technology,perfect dynamic property,attractive appearance,reasonable distribution of axle load,traffic safety assurance,and can fully meet the demand of the urban environment.

Product Details

   HOWO Self-loading garbage truck 's body has circular cross section and closed structure,stiffness is strong,in the meantime ,this cross section shape is more conducive to half kitcken waste liquid moving quickly in the back under the condition of vehicles running full turbulence,decreased the driving risk because of the unsteady Center of gravity.It also can reduce the operation process and the interference of roadside trees.

    HOWO Self-loading garbage truck in allusion to characteristic of much water ,there is a large volum of waste under the tank,to store the filter out oil-water,realize the prefractionation of solid and liquid.The large volum of waste is convenient for moderate squeeze of push shovel,to make full use of the tank volime,and improve the ability of loading.

    HOWO Self-loading garbage truck hydraulic system use multi-way valve control,control board is equiped on the plat of right side of truck,near to the cab,convenient for observation and operation .The oil pipe line up ,beautiful and overall arrangement reasonable ,The push shovel and feed mechanism have interlock device ,when the push shovel is not in place,the feed mechanism can't work,to avoid the garbage is pushed to the front of the shovel becaused of wrong operation.

     HOWO Self-loading garbage truck inclode overhung feed mechanism,feed port agency,splash proof,washing equipment,sealing on rear cover and accesshole.


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