Swing Arm Garbage Truck

The swing arm type garbage truck is a special vehicle modified by a chassis, which is used to collect, load, and transport domestic garbage or construction site garbage ... greatly improving the efficiency of garbage collection and transportation. The truck has reliable quality, advanced functions, Low failure rate, easy maintenance and low operating costs.

Product Details

Refuse Collection Truck Swing Arm Garbage Truck Container Sanitation Truck

1.The bottom plate, side plate, swing arm and outriggers of the swing-arm garbage truck are all steel plate welded frame structures. The swing arms and outriggers adopt a box-type frame structure. The swing arms and outriggers of this structure can withstand heavy loads. The steel is made of high-strength manganese plate.

2.The outrigger cylinder is equipped with a two-way hydraulic lock to avoid possible injury due to the bursting of the lifting tubing and the rapid fall of the outrigger. The swingarm cylinder pipe is equipped with a two-way balance cutting to prevent the arm from falling under its own gravity.

3.The dustbin sewage sealing system has an advanced structure. It is sealed with a "U" rubber strip and a super-tightening mechanism, which can effectively solve the leakage of sewage without causing secondary pollution. It is very suitable for urban and rural environmental sanitation work, and it is suitable for urban, The requirements of rural development have outstanding practical advantages.

4.The garbage bin of the truck can realize self-unloading ability, which is convenient for operation, reduces the labor intensity of workers and saves manpower.

5.The optional sewage collection device can effectively avoid the leakage of sewage during the transportation process, eliminate secondary pollution, guarantee the quality of the environment along the way, greatly improve the quality of life of the residents along the way, and realize the sewage collection during the transfer of garbage And site emissions.

6.Optional multiple unloading methods: bolt type, zipper type, rear lock hook, etc.

Swing Arm Garbage Truck-New Truck (Inventory)

After you place your order, we will overhaul and rewax the entire vehicle before shipping.

Chassis Model brand:Sinotruck Howo


Driving type: 4x2

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 Swing Arm Garbage Truck

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