HOWO Refrigerated Van Truck.

HOWO refrigerated van truck is pecial vehicles used to transport frozen or fresh-keeping goods, mainly used for the transportation of fresh agricultural and sideline products and food and beverages. The refrigerated and heat preservation vehicle products produced by our company are manufactured using the world's advanced new board-making technology. They have the characteristics of high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, no pollution, long service life, easy repair, and good heat insulation performance. The preferred brand of the chain logistics and transportation industry.

Product Details

HOWO refrigerated van truck's vehicle: Refrigerated and heat-insulated vehicles are mainly composed of chassis, box body, sub-frame assembly, refrigeration unit and side rear protection devices. The chassis is a second-class chassis of a shaped car. The compartment is mainly composed of front panels, left and right side panels, The top and bottom plates, the back door and the side door assembly are composed of main components. The connections between the panels of the car body are bonded with imported high-strength adhesive, which has the characteristics of firm and reliable bonding, high strength, simple technology, and easy maintenance. LED lights are installed on the top for night-time lighting; 2 drainage holes to ensure air-tight performance are installed on the front of the floor to facilitate the drainage of sewage; a refrigerator ladder is installed on the front of the compartment to facilitate the inspection and maintenance of the refrigerator.

HOWO refrigerated van truck's box panel adopts the advanced “new” process of dry-type panel making. Box door is divided into two types: the back door and the side door, the opening angle is 270º; the side door is a single opening type, and the opening angle is 180º.

HOWO refrigerated van truck refrigeration unit is generally installed in the front of the compartment, and is divided into independent refrigeration units and non-independent refrigeration units. Generally, products from Carrier and Lengwang of the United States; Daguang of South Korea and Lengdongxing of Guangzhou are used.

HOWO refrigerated trucks

HOWO refrigerated van truck in order to meet the individual needs of users, you can choose to install such as air diversion troughs, aluminum rails, aluminum patterned floor, cargo rails, wind curtains, meat hooks, etc. Lighting and light signal devices are installed outside the truck.

Vehicle modelRefrigerated truck
Overall dimension(mm)7*2.3*3.3
Body internial dimension(mm)4.9*2*2
Approach / departure angle20/14
Front hang/rear hang(mm)1605/1540
Chassis modelZZ5047XXYD3815C145
Engine modelCY4102
Fuel typediesel
Axle number2
Axle load6000
Leaf spring number7
Total weight(kg)4495
Rating load(kg)2425
Curb weight(kg)1875
Max speed(km/h)90
Exhaust standardEurope II
Tyre number6+1
Tyre specification7.00-16
Front wheel distance1160
Rear wheel distance2035
Refrigerating unit:carrier corporation s533 domestic "k" brand refrigerating unitsKT380
Fuel tank capacity (L)85

HOWO refrigerated van truck use and maintenance:

1. When the vehicle is loaded, it should be loaded according to the rated load mass, which must not exceed the maximum total mass of the original vehicle.

2. The vehicle should be used under the following conditions:

3. The level of the driving road is not lower than the fourth-grade road.

4.The ambient temperature is -40 ℃ ~ 40 ℃.

5.The relative humidity of the air is not more than 95% (25 ° C).

6.The altitude is not greater than 3000 M.

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