Howo 6x4 Truck Sprinkler

Howo 6x4 truck sprinkler is called a sprinkler, a multifunctional sprinkler, a garden sprinkler, a water tanker, and a water truck. The sprinkler is suitable for various road washing, trees, green belts, lawn greening, roads, factories and mining enterprises construction and construction, high-altitude building washing. It has the functions of water spraying, dust suppression, high and low spraying, pesticide spraying, guardrail flushing, etc. It also has functions of water transportation, drainage, emergency fire protection, etc.

Product Details

Howo 6x4 truck sprinkler strengths:1.The tanks produced by our company are metal atmospheric tanks,mainly carbon steel tanks and stainless tanks.The carbon steel tanks are treates with anticorrosion inside.There are two types of tank sections:oval and square.2.The head is automatically rotated by a CNC edge turning machine,which has a beautiful appearance and high strength after molding.The cylinder body adopts longitudinal seam butt splicing and fully automatic gas shielded welding.After the splicing ,the whole coil is formed,and the molding is beautiful and straight,The barrel and the head are fully butt-welded.3.The tank body is equipped with a wave-proof plate,and some tanks are installed with a longitudinal wave -proof to reduce the impact of the liquid in the tank on the head and the barrel.4.The bottom of the tank is provide with a sedimentation tank and a sewage discharge port.The sewage dischage port may be opened occasionally to discharged the drt accumlated in the precipitation tank.5.When the exit sprinkler has a large volume and the driving conditions are not good, you can adopt a reinforced design,such as foot flanging,double-sided box,and installation of longitudinal wave shields.

howo truck sprinkler

sprinkler truck

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