Howo 6x4 Fuel Tank Truck

Howo 6x4 fuel tank truck are divided into two categories: oil trucks and refueling trucks, which are mainly used for light fuel such as gasoline, diesel, kerosene, etc.Transport and fill, if necessary, other non corrosive liquids.

Product Details

Howo 6x4 fuel tank truck low center of gravity and good stability.The body of cylinder is welded with longitudinal butt joint panel and automatic gasshielded welding.After the panel is assembled,the whole coil plate is formed with beautiful appearance and good straightness.The body and head are welded through butt joint.The head is usually disc-shaped,which is made by CNC edging machine automatically,with beautiful appearance and high strength after forming..The fine filter assembly is the protection device of the flowmeter.It can filter impuritied and dirt in the oil to prevent impurities from entering the flowmeter and damaging its parts.In order to ensure the safety of the tanker transportation and prevent staic electricity from causing fire,the tail of the tanker is qwuipped with floor mopping tape,so as to introduce the static electricity generated in the tanker transportation to the earth.In order to connect with the ground wire of oil depot or gas station conveniently,the refusling truck prodeuced by our company are marked at the rear of tank body with conducting electrostatic connection copper plate.Our company's fuel tank trucks are equipped with fire caps to facilitate transport vehicles into the oil depot or gas satation.n addition,customers can also choose to install fire muffler,fire muffler equipped by our company are equipped with protective guard,which can be dismantled.The rear of the vehicle is fitted with a rear bumper.

Howo 6x4 fuel tank truck's advantage production technology:1.The domestic first-class uncoiling slitting and cross-cutting unit can unroll,level and cut steel plate tith a plate width of 1900mm and a plate tickness of 12mm.2.Sending of all plates and profiles not only removes oxide scale and rust,increases the stress of steel during the stamping and cutting process.3.Pre-spray primer to ensure that the meterial doed not rust during transportation and storage,avoid hydrogen holes in the weld seam,and ensure the welding quality of the entire vehicle assembly.

Equipped with 14 meter CNCplasma cutting machine and manul plasma cutting machine,the main parts of oil tanks suck asheads,oil shields,etc,as well as the production of parts with complex shapes,are cut by plasma,with smooth cuts and stable appearance Deformation.The general parts of the tanker truck stamped with special molds to ensure the quality of the parts.For general parts,suck as upper covers,tube boces,control boxes,stc,special molds,blanking punches,etc.the appearance of the components is beautiful and the production efficiency is high.

rear of fuel tank truck

CabinDriving type 6x4 LHD/RHD
HW76 Lengthen cab, single bunk,safety belts,left hand driving,air conditioner.
Overall Dimensions8800x2496x3215,3800 mm
Wheel Base3800+1350 mm
Front axle loading capacity1 x 7000
Rear axles loading capacity2 x 16000
Type6-cylinder in line, 4-stroke, water-cooled, turbo-charged & inter-cooled, direct injection
Bore x Stroke126x130mm
Horse Power (HP)290
Emission standardEuro II
Max Speed102 km/h
Tire12.00-20, 12.00R20
TransmissionHW15710 or HW19710 transmission,10 forward & 2 reverse,with PTO
Oil Tank300L
Tank Volume20 CBM
Brake SystemService brake:Dual circuit compressed air brake
Parking brake (emergency brake):Spring energy,compressed air operating on rear wheels
Auxiliary brake:Engine exhaust valve brake
ElectricsOperating voltage:24V,negative grounded
Batteries:2x12 V,165 Ah
Horn,headlamps,fog lights,brake lights,indicators and reverse light
OptionVertical Muffler,ABS,Automatic Break Clearance Adjusting Arm,
Traveling Data Recorder,Metal Pipeline,Engine Protective Board

The vehicle is subjected to strict road tests and performance tests before leaving the factory,and the brake and electrial systems and vehicle perpormance are comprehensively tested.

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