Howo 8x4 Oil Tank Truck

Howo 8x4 oil tank truck's tank trucks are divided into two categories, oil tankers and refueling trucks. They are mainly used for the transportation and filling of gasoline, diesel, kerosene and other light fuel oils. It can also transport and fill other non-corrosive liquids when necessary. The oil tanker produced by our company has the advantages of reasonable design, fine manufacturing, excellent materials and excellent performance.

Product Details

Howo 8x4 oil tank truck mainly composed of second-class automobile chassis, tank assembly, piping system, oil delivery hose, mopping tape, protective device, etc.The tanks are metal atmospheric tanks, mainly carbon steel tanks, stainless steel tanks and aluminum alloy tanks. The working pressure of the tank is not more than 72KPa, and the ambient temperature of the tank is -40 ~ + 50 ℃.The cross section of the tank body is oval, square (rectangular with arc), and round. The tank body is provided with a wave-proof plate, and a part of the tank body is provided with a vertical oil shield to reduce the impact of the oil in the tank body on the head and the barrel. The bottom of the tank is provided with a sedimentation tank and a sewage discharge port, and the sewage discharge port may be opened occasionally to discharge the water and dirt accumulated in the precipitation tank. The upper part of the tank is provided with a safety frame, which is mainly to ensure the safety of the user when operating above the tank.

oil tanker

Technique Parameters
Drive Model8X4
Vehicle Main DimensionsDimensions(L x W x H)mm10200*2500*3430
Wheel base (mm)4075+1400
Overhang (front/rear) (mm)1430/2820
Wheel track (front/rear) (mm)4275+1400
Approach/Departure angle43056
Weight in KGSCurb Weight14000
Max. driving speed(km/h)
Type4stroke direct injection , 6-cylinder in-line with water cooling, turbo-charging and inter-cooling
Horse Power(HP)290HP
Emission standardEuro III
Gearbox10 forwards & 1 reverse
ClutchReinforced diaphragm clutch
Steering GearPower steering,hydraulic steering with power assistance
Fuel tank (L)350
Brakesdual circuit compressed air brake
MaterialQ235B Carbon Steel
Tipper Box Dimension7350*2500*1700mm
Optional equipments1. Options after the tail with the ladder.
2. Installation running recorder with satellite positioning functions

3. oil-gas recycling system

Howo 8x4 oil tank truck's use and maintenance of oil pumps: It is forbidden to start the pump when the pump is not full of liquid, otherwise the pump parts will be damaged; pumps with safety valves should not be run for a long time without draining oil, otherwise the oil temperature will rise High, causing accidents.

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