HOWO Fuel Tank Truck

The company has the domestic leading special vehicle production equipment, and designed the domestic advanced special vehicle production line, has been.The company has the capacity to produce more than 10,000 modified vehicles annually, and has developed a variety of vehicles that can meet the personalized needs of different customer groups Products.Product tank cars, refrigerated insulated truck, dump van three category, containing water sprayer, green car spraying, plus (luck), chemical liquid truck, in addition to the haze of dust suppression car, pollution (shit), high pressure cleaning vehicles, concrete mixer truck, powder material truck, refrigerated insulated car, snow removal vehicles, removable compression garbage truck, car city cars, dump truck, van residue in over ten series more than two hundred kinds of special products.The company's products throughout the country, and exported to Russia, Mongolia, the Middle East,Southeast Asia, South America, Africa and other countries and regions, the service network covers all provinces and cities throughout the country, deeply trusted by users at home and abroad praise.

Product Details

The fuel tanker trucks produced by our company can be divided into two categories: oil tanker and refueling truck, which are mainly used for the transportation and refueling of light fuel such as gasoline, diesel, kerosene, and other non-corrosive liquids when necessary.The oil tanker produced by our company has the advantages of reasonable design, fine manufacturing, excellent materials, excellent performance and so on. The main technical indicators are in accordance with the provisions of GB18564 and QC/T653 standards.

Tank truck

Product description:


HOWO Fuel Tanker Truck

Gross weight kg


Curb weight ( kg)




Diesel: 4-stroke direct injection diesel engine

Model: WD615.47 371HP EURO Ⅱ emission standard, in-line with water cooling, turbo-charging and inter-cooler

Bore x Stoke: 126mm x 130mm

Maximum output: 371HP(273KW) at 2200rmp

Displacement: 9.726L

Fuel: Diesel


HW79, double berth, up/down and front/back adjustable steering wheel, new European style whole heating and ventilating system,

ItemName1Warm wind supply2Horn Button3Steering Wheel4Combination Instrument5Cruise Switch6Hand Braking Valve7Semitrailer Hand Braking Valve8Transmission Handle9Rocker Switch10Ashtray12Cigarette Lighter

with electronic controlled model,

with four points suspension & absorber

and stabilizer equipment, all the truck with the double-locking safety belts and outside sun visor. The interior of the cab is equipped with an oversized storage bin and a motor refrigerator

Left Hand Drive Model


HW19710, SINOTRUK 10 forward & 2 reverse manual gearbox

Steering Gear

ZF8118, German ZF hydraulic steering with power assistance


Single plate φ430 diaphragm spring clutch

Number of axle


Front axle

HF9 STEYR/HOWO drum brake front axle, axle loading capacity is 9000kg

Driving axle

HC16 Rated loading capacity: 16T, Ratio: 4.42, 4.80/5.73

Double reduction, casting axle housing, drum brake

Front/Rear track(mm)


Overhang front/rear(mm)


Wheel base (mm)



12R22.5, radial tires, 12+1(spare tire)

Approach/departure angle

16/14 (°)

Maximum speed(km/h)


Fuel Tank


Electrical System

Voltage: 24V

Batteries: 2x12V 165Ah

Starter: 24V, 5.5KW

Alternator: 28V/80A

Braking System

Service brake: Dual-circuit air brake

Parking brake: Spring brakes on rear axle

Auxiliary brake: Exhaust valve braking(EVB)

Overall Dimension(L X W X H mm)



ABS, AC,Electrical tilting cab, MTCO tachographs, Explosion - proof cover subsea valve

HOWO Tank Truck

Fuel Tank Truck

The fuel tanker truck to the special vehicles for carrying gasoline, diesel, kerosene, lubricating oil and other liquid oil.It is the most used vehicle for tank trucks.According to its function, it is divided into two kinds: fuel transport truck and refuel truck.The fuel tanker truck is used to carry liquid oil.It mainly consists of oil tank, filling port, oil discharge valve, manhole cover, oil delivery hose, grounding chain, etc.The refuel truck not only has the function of transporting oil, but also has the function of moving pump station.He also added oil pumping system, metering system and control device.The bulk tank body is divided into several Chambers so that several different liquid cargos can be shipped simultaneously on the same tank truck.