HOWO Oil Tank Truck

Oil tank truck also known as mobile refueling truck, computer tax controlled refueling truck, oil guide tank truck, oil loading truck, oil transport truck, oil truck, oil transport truck, mainly used for the transportation and storage of petroleum derivatives (gasoline, diesel, crude oil, lubricating oil and coal tar oil products).According to the different use and use of the environment has a variety of refueling or oil transport functions, with oil absorption, oil pump, a variety of oil distribution, distribution and other functions.The special part of oil truck is composed of tank body, power extractor, transmission shaft, gear oil pump, pipe network system and other components.The pipe network system is composed of oil pump, three-way four-way ball valve, two-way ball valve, filter net and pipeline.

Product Details

The tanker structure of the oil tank truck is elliptic cylinder or trapezoidal cylinder, etc., made of high-quality steel plate, the whole tank is divided into single or multiple silo, the bottom of the middle bulkhead is through hole, each warehouse is welded to strengthen the anti-wave bulkhead, in order to reduce the impact of oil tank body and improve the tank body stiffness.To prevent corrosion, the exterior of the tank shall be coated with anti-rust paint and decorative paint.

The tank truck can be separated into separate silos, different oil products.It can realize pumping in and out, self-flowing, optional loading flow meter, computerized tax control tanker, 15-meter refueling coil (can automatically return to position), tank body is equipped with multi-channel anti-wave baffle, so that the tank body has high strength, center of gravity, vehicle transport safety and stability.

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