Howo Sprinkler Truck Tanker

Sprinkler, also known as multi-functional green sprinkler. It is used for cleaning road surface, sanitation, dustproof, watering and spraying pesticide in urban road, large factory, army, garden and other units to beautify the environment.

Product Details

Howo sprinkler truck tanker can be used for temporary emergency fire sprinkler. Each sprinkler is equipped with a special interface for fire fighting. The engine drives the gearbox, and the power take-off installed on the gearbox drives the sprinkler pump, which generates the main power to spray the liquid inside the tank through the pipe network. Self suction height: ≤ 7m, spraying width: ≥ 20m, maximum range: ≥ 28m; adjustable to column shape, range ≥ 28m; adjustable to fog shape, range ≥ 5m.

Howo sprinkler truck tanker before spraying and after spraying, the front is equipped with duck shaped nozzle or round head nozzle, the back is equipped with cylindrical open sprinkler nozzle or showerhead nozzle, the back is equipped with a working platform and high-pressure water cannon. There are also 8 nozzles (optional) in the rear, which are generally used to wash the street.

Howo sprinkler truck tanker production process with automatic assembly line can be divided into: blanking, automatic panel welding, head spinning forming, one-time rolling forming of tank body and other domestic advanced production processes. The tank materials are mostly produced by high-quality carbon steel plates. In case of special use, 304 stainless steel can also be used according to the needs of customers. The tank volume is "4 cubic meters, 5 cubic meters, 6 cubic meters, 8 cubic meters, 10 cubic meters, 13 cubic meters, 15 cubic meters", etc.

tanker truck

Howo sprinkler truck tanker is equipped with high-power special sprinkler pump (Weilong pump) for sprinkler and green sprinkler, with fire connector, self flow valve and self-priming function. Optional configuration: advanced facilities such as spray tray, chemical pump, anti-corrosion and anti rust in tank, multi-directional water inlet and outlet connector, solenoid valve and pneumatic valve can be added to meet the needs of different users.

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