HOWO 6x4 Used Tractor Truck

HOWO 6x4 used tractor truck is a general large truck or semi-trailer drawn by tools between the front and the trunk. That is to say, the front of the tractor can separate from the original trunk and pull other trunk, and the trunk can also separate from the original trunk and be pulled by other headstocks. The front with driving capacity is called a tractor, and the back without driving capacity is called a trailer. The trailer is towed by the tractor.

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HOWO 6x4 used tractor truck has top class power but second-hand price.It has the same performance as new truck.As the main equipment of highway transportation, semi-trailer tractor has the advantages of strong specialization, large load and fast transportationThere are two ways to connect the tractor and the trailer: 1. The front half of the trailer is attached to the traction saddle above the rear section of the tractor, and the bridge behind the tractor bears a part of the weight of the trailer, which is the semi-trailer; 2.The front end of the trailer is connected to the rear end of the tractor, and the tractor only provides the forward pull force, dragging the trailer, but does not bear the downward weight of the trailer, which is all hang.

HOWO 6x4 used tractor truck according to whether the support can move, it can be divided into fixed type, mobile type and lifting type. The left and right supports of the fixed traction base are fixed on the traction base by bolts, and the base of the traction base is fixed on the beam of the tractor. Fixed type is the most widely used one at present. There are many types of mobile traction base, and the structure is similar to the fixed type. The main reason is that the connection between the traction base and the beam of the tractor adopts a porous or toothed design. The base of the traction base can be moved forward and backward according to the needs of connecting the trailer, so as to connect with different trailers smoothly. Some mobile traction bases are also equipped with automatic air pressure control devices, which can push the traction bases to move forward and backward in the chute by air pressure. The lifting type tractor is mainly used on the tractor of the port wharf. The tractor can move up and down in a certain range to adapt to the semi-trailer of different height.

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used tractor truck

Rear part of tractor truck


tractor of parameter

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